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  1. It doesn't have any dependencies does it? On fedora & opensuse?

  2. No, the musl binary should work on any linux system without any dependencies. On fedora and opensuse you can also use the gnu binary, which is a bit smaller in size

  3. Another alternative to doing this is running this in PowerShell (as admin)

  4. Thank you for pointing that out, that is a more elegant way of doing it, I will probably update the script in the future^^

  5. I love your streams and your book, thank you for doing this :)

  6. Don't worry about it too much, if you use a strong password (or preferably use public key authentication) nothing bad is going to happen

  7. This is an interesting response. Bing realizes it doesn’t know anything about typing speed, so it reasons that maybe a good estimate would be the internet speed, since that would represent a theoretical maximum amount of data transfer.

  8. I just did the math for fun to find out how bad of an estimate it would be:

  9. For those who don't know, pfetch is a more minimal version of

  10. For those who don't know, pfetch is a more minimal version of

  11. It is a small command line utility that prints information about the system it runs on (like you can see in the image). Many people have it or a similar program in their .bashrc to greet them every time they open a terminal with more or less useful information in an aesthetically pleasing way.

  12. If you are interested in a faster pfetch check out

  13. If you want a Garuda logo for pfetch, you can use

  14. Why not just use the built-in Neofetch?

  15. But if you have to install pfetch, isn't that just taking up more storage space?

  16. yea but its only ~3MB so nothing to worry about

  17. If you want a more modern PopOS logo in pfetch, check out my rewrite in Rust:

  18. If you want a more modern PopOS logo in pfetch, check out my rewrite in Rust:

  19. 1e59 says:

    Almost missed the screen tearing joke.

  20. I am using Wayland on Nvidia on KDE, it is completely usable since lately

  21. Nice project, how long did it take you to rewrite the program to full functionality? Do you have prior experience writing in Rust? I'm thinking of doing something similar myself soon enough

  22. Yes I have worked with Rust before. I started out with

  23. I tripped, my hands landed on the keyboard, and I rewrote yet another program in Rust.

  24. I'm sorry, but I am afraid there is no cure for that

  25. nitch - most pretty neofetch but really faster (2ms)

  26. This is really neat! I also wrote a similar tool, but it's not a perfect rewrite of anything. But it does work on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. I typically have it run every time I open my terminal simply because it's so fast and convenient.

  27. Looks good, thanks for sharing! I have thought about adding Windows support in the future, as Rust makes it possible

  28. If you need cross platform crates that can source the info you need, you can look at the dependencies in the Cargo.toml file, and look at how I used them in the code. If you credit me, you can also steal the Windows GPU detection code.

  29. Thanks for the info, I think the crate I use for most of the info (libmacchina) also supports Windows so I will probably use that. If I decide to add GPU detection in the future, I will take a look at your implementation :)

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