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  1. Yeah it's the gap Placebo play in on the second stage, they started doing this last year

  2. Dave watch a different Cole / Jericho match?

  3. Dave doesn't give his sources less than 3 stars

  4. "Hey Uno, go do all the media for the game"

  5. Electric callboy will be dead clashing with ghost and running into slipknot

  6. I will bet you a lot of money it won't be

  7. They apparently want double that, that's what put Liverpool off

  8. You aren't, just some people don't find "alternative" looking girls attractive, but lots of people do

  9. It did, but ended up being rated higher by most people that watched both

  10. Other than his run as one of the best heels ever in NXT?

  11. I'm going and I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  12. Brock has done 5 PLE's in a row, seems far too much for him

  13. Brock has done 5 PLE's in a row, seems far too much for him

  14. Shame Lavia went off… was he injured or just another screw up from RS?

  15. I still feels like it's Triple H led, the only tweaks that came to last weeks RAW was so swap Riddle and Nakamura's matches, which made complete sense anyway

  16. I’m sure that his betting addiction was bad, and he isn’t the first footballer to have one (Gudjohnson famously blew a lot of his cash in casinos, and there were always rumours about JT)…

  17. In fairness he was on loan at the time so couldn't effect the game he'd bet on

  18. Yeah, was in the shop the other day and they said they were.

  19. I'd be up for it, they were great last month. I think they're moving away from what Download did want, but I think Download is moving with the times finally, so could still happen

  20. Yeah, that Friday night dj set by Wargasm in the village has just made me nervous seeing that that stage needs bands

  21. Skindred dropped it because of their 2000 trees contract so I’m assuming the same with bullet

  22. It's not 2000 trees, I don't think. Skindred just said a festival. They're playing a few, and Download just announced Hundred Reasons who are playing the same spot as Skindred at Trees.

  23. In one of the many screenshotted convos he apparently confirmed it was in fact 2000 trees

  24. Yeah there is one, it's old Sarum tattoo as per usual, was in there with my girlfriend in Friday when she went to have one done and they were saying about all the emails they were getting about Download

  25. I doubt it, if they hadn't taken off the way they had, then possibly. They could drop the gimmick but again I don't see that happening, the music industry is too fickle

  26. Cole has been saying in interviews he wants to headline All In, surely that match wouldn't make huge amount of sense for essentially an AEW vs NJPW show.

  27. Not as bad as the appointments we've had this season, no. He's done a decent job at Swansea

  28. I've had a season ticket at Saints this season as I live down there, Lavia was brilliant all season in a pretty dreadful team. I wouldn't be against Liverpool signing him.

  29. After their last two ever UK shows? Seems unlikely

  30. Bugger off, your team is too good to come here.

  31. Inside the ring I hope that she continues to follow in her footsteps.

  32. If you mean the downward spiral then nobody wants it, I'm sure there are plenty of pervs that'd want her to follow Chyna's career choices

  33. Then you’ve got the Viking Raiders, Alpha Academy, Strowman & Ricochet, Indus Sher, and New Day kind of just existing.

  34. Yeah, they've got a lot of teams now, I think they should only be defending the Smackdown titles if they defend against a smackdown team

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