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  1. I don't follow any cause I just think it's weird. Some guys do some guys don't. As for is that something for you to worry about that's really up to your interpretation. He could just like to look at these girls for fun but at the same time he could be looking at them cause he's looking for "perfection" in women. And that could lead to a lot of not so good things. It's definitely worth having a conversation over.

  2. I've definitely experienced this a lot in the past. My guess is that occasionally you bubble up towards the top on the whims of the algorithm, and then a bunch of people see your profile in a short period of time.

  3. For me, I've only gone on one date via a dating up. I don't know if it's because of my age range but most matches either never respond to my initial message, send extremely short responses, unmatch if I don't respond the moment the message comes in, or we are actually having a good convo and then just randomly disappear. It's beyond frustrating but unfortunately it seems like that's just the way dating apps are.

  4. This is exactly where I'm at. 250+ matches later, and MAYBE 80-100 of them actually responded. At least half of those couldn't form a response longer than 3 words. Half of that left over ghosts you if you don't immediately respond, or you could be having a good convo and by the next day they're gone. Out of maybe a dozzen or two people, I had 6 or 7 dates, half of those we decided weren't right for eachother. The last handful either dated for a couple months, found someone else, or went back to there ex.

  5. I felt this... I've been using dating apps for two years now and this has been my exact experience. Out of the hundreds of matches that I've gotten, I'd say 85% never respond to my initial message. Out of the 15% that do respond, they either send very short messages, unmatch if you don't respond immediately, or are having a nice convo with you and then suddenly disappear. It's beyond frustrating. I've only been on one date via a dating app out of the hundreds of matches that I've gotten. The girl was super nice and we had a nice time but she just wasn't for me.

  6. I always message first and honestly more than half the time I never get a message back so it could just be that these guys are tired of putting in effort and receiving nothing back. Maybe they figure if they let the girl take charge with messaging first then things will be different idk.

  7. It was the season that got me into the game so it was a blast

  8. I started towards the end of Chapter 1 Season 2. Only regret is I refused to put money into the game for all of Season 3 (finally caved in Season 4) and if I just bought the battle pass, I'd have Reaper... :/

  9. I think it's likely but honestly I would want to see a continuation of the current teams story line. There are still a decent amount of loose ends even after the finale, plus Richmond came in second so I would love to see them win the whole thing in a future season. No reason why we can't get both in my opinion.

  10. What on earth happened to it?

  11. ODM is easier to control

  12. I wouldn't outright say that I wanted to give you a kiss because that might come off as being creepy. I would just ask her to meet up again and shoot your shot. You have absolutely nothing to lose. You could even ask her out when you're playing video games.

  13. I'd want to see the teams reaction to Ted's announcement.

  14. I didn't even realize Solid Gold was still active.

  15. That's definitely a day 1 topic... for me it'd be a hard dealbreaker and I'd be a bit annoyed/disappointed if someone hid that until later on.

  16. Run as fast as you can...

  17. Do you happened to have a link? Trust me, i looked quite a bit ago and couldn't find anything. I'm a collector of everything CN on DVD/Blu-Ray.


  19. If a random girl approached me with a paper with her number on it, I'd be really flattered. Ad a guy, we never get approached like this so it'd definitely be very appreciated and would not come off as being aggressive.

  20. I've gotten 1 date after a year of paying for premium and 0 after a year of using the app for free... so yeah definitely have gotten more dates paying lol.

  21. Definitely not a loser at all. I'm also a virgin and in all honesty I am not planning on having sex until marriage. Casual sex is not for me and I honestly don't care what other people think. I think you just have to get in the mindset of not caring what people think about you being a virgin. In all honesty, it's absolutely none of their business so if anyone ever bothers you for that they're just insecure and should be ignored.

  22. I don't know if this is just me but I think that's a cute way of her saying that she wants something more with you.

  23. I'm guessing another match beat you to it, and they didn't want to lead on another match (you)?

  24. I assume it's just impatience because even if they're talking to someone else (which I'd assume they are) it doesn't mean that things will work out with that person if that makes sense. Hate to be corny but basically the phrase don't put all your eggs in one basket lol. For example, I've had matches that it's gone really well with at the start but then it just falls off a cliff due to them not responding or not wanting to actually go out on a date. Unfortunately, I've met a lot of people who are just in it for attention or a pen pal.

  25. Honestly, not sure how new it is. It's a dating app that you can only use on Thursdays, hence the name. I figured it'd have more serious daters on it but it seems like a ghost town.

  26. I don't think anyone wants to chase anyone. Honestly, asking out someone can be extremely awkward at times and isn't always the most fun experience. Do I enjoy getting to know people? Yes, but it's nice when there's mutual interest and you're not the only one putting in effort.

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