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  1. Are we forgetting the time he decided to celebrate her birthday in the wrestling ring where CM Punk and the SES traumatized her as Rey looked on helpless? Or him once again not learning his lesson a decade later and bringing her again only for her to fall in love with that evil Aussie Buddy Murphy?? Rey Mysterio is a bad man!

  2. No, John Cena is a bad man

  3. CN14 says:

    'I have a flashy moveset but the rest of my repertoire is average at best' - Ricochet

  4. I don't think -anyone's- debut tops Jericho's WWF debut.

  5. Plus “Cool Kyle” was a horrible character switch for him.

  6. Kyle M'reilly with the fedora

  7. Air Raid in WCW 2001. Air Paris seemed OK, but man there was something special about Air Styles

  8. I recall Air Styles was in a music video where he was a plumber once

  9. Roll up finish at Roadblock: End of the Line, it is.

  10. I hope it's not Bill Goldberg

  11. Don't worry CM Punk'll call in a favour from Eminem to to get some revenge. Maybe rap a warning to put a nail in the feud of Ja Rule. Oh, and probably also take out Kenny with it too cause he's just a janitor from Canada.

  12. Kenny clearly a big fan of Ishii

  13. Heard a fan walked in covered in soot and they had to end the match. Was a Dusty Finnish

  14. mods ban this person immediately

  15. Lance Storm has joined the chat

  16. I’m very hopeful they spend a good while building Dempsey up properly then having him feud with Bron for the belt. He should be the heir apparent and the guy who beats Bron before Bron goes to the main roster.

  17. I think he has the potential to fit in the Edge role where he's a perennial top heel. Takes the belt off the top star every now and then to restart the babyface chase story, or to allow the belt to shift to another babyface.


  19. Head scratching intensifies

  20. I think it's more that the name change felt unnecessary. It's weird in any story, TV or film, to have a character's name randomly change for no discernable reason. There needs to be a gimmick change to go with.

  21. They offered a reason. GUNTHER explained it on an episode of NXT, when the change happened. He goes he was named WALTER after his grandfather who introduced him to the sport, but now he wants to go by the name of GUNTHER as he forges his own independent path. I don't recall why he picks 'GUNTHER' specifically, but that's the reasoning I recall.

  22. There was a period back in 2014 when they used to

  23. While Full Gear barely surpasses 1 million only....

  24. 1 million from a less than 5 year old company in the same business as WWE is very good. I don't see the criticism here.

  25. Kozlov wasn't really over though and ppl didn't buy him. Just another big mediocre Vince guy.

  26. Kozlov also had a profound love for Double Double E

  27. Braden Walker had maybe 2 matches on RAW

  28. How many wrestlers have a 3 disc DVD set chronicling their illustrious career?

  29. When WCW trademarks your name so you can't use it in the WWF/E lol Vader becomes Vider Stone Cold becomes Icy Chill, The Rock becomes the Boulder lol


  31. This sounds like a Disco Elysium reference

  32. Well clearly you are not a hardcore legend like Mick. I wonder where he draws the line at acceptable number or turds per pool.

  33. Perhaps there is an equation to calculate the critical mass of pool turds. We need Prof Steiner to run some calcs

  34. Now have a break! Clean your kitchen spotless, chop your TV in half, and have a conversation with your mailman!

  35. Rye or pumpernickel?

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