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Mods should ban/block people from asking if cards are legitimate. They should insert guidelines as to how one can ensure a card is authentic, rather us having the same convo - ppl asking if my gold metal misspelt ‘Chaiharrd’ is real. Constant questions around the veracity of cards worsens the sub.

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  1. I guarantee you it makes just as much of a difference on console lol. you'll still think youre barely peaking a wall and then on death cam you were in the open for 3 seconds lol

  2. On pc peeking at all is a death sentence

  3. By a lot, if you get a purple in a bravo its like a 1/2 chance of bi

  4. 350, thought that was a lot but man

  5. 1 speed sledge honestly doesnt make much of a difference especially because every op is a 1 speed when adsed anyway

  6. sounds like a connection issue

  7. Yeah, every rank has 5 tiers now. Except champ obvs. You also get special rewards for every rank. Charm at 5. Alpha packs at 4,3 and,1 and a operator card at 2. So be ready to have your operator card selection menu littered with hundreds of ranked borders.

  8. They dont give it to you as you go, you get the cosmetics all dumped on you at the end of the season

  9. ubi said they were only going to year 10

  10. No ash, vigil and amaru ate picked for gun. Fuze is one of the best above floor util destroyers when he gets set up. Problem is he has to deal with roamers first and his speed just doesn’t let him compete with the quick peaking, fast moving 3 speed roaming defenders. The ak was supposed to make up for this speed deficiency, allowing fuze to 3 tap a fast defender anywhere in the split second they are exposed or before they can run away or the lmg to suppress them down while fuze pushes up to finish the job. With this proposed damage nerf and with quick peaking and lean spam meaning limb shots are more prevalent than ever and the ak recoil being a bitch on sticks (first 10 rounds are fine everything else kinda sucks) there is now no reason not to peak a fuze for a cheap kill

  11. All they have to do is make him a 2 speed instead of 3

  12. 100% mp7, much more fun to use imo

  13. Imagine trying to use an acog while trying to kill someone in the same room

  14. Nice! Did you solo q or play with anybody?

  15. The only part of her gadget that’s good is the drone thing, and even then if you’re aware you’ll usually know when you’re getting droned. Any good player high up already knows all the info you gave examples for with sound queues and game knowledge. Any good player can already bandit trick without any help. A lot of ranked players will prefire claymore spots. You can hear the airjabs.

  16. Having a coordinates teammate/team with you can make it easy for c4s below

  17. There is a difference between calmly criticizing the game and acting like they are the most evil and horrible people for releasing a game not up to your standards, and bullying people if they find enjoyment. Saying "no! You're enabling this!"

  18. Oh man, the game just gets worse and worse as people find out more things about it

  19. investing in pokemon is pretty foolish, but if you were anything WOTC is prob ur best bet

  20. I'd agree with you, but buying sealed product and holding it for years has always paid off with pokemon. I'd rather buy wotc as an investment though. Although because I enjoy the hobby, selling anything is much harder than buying 😂 It's an emotional investment, so you don't wanna ever sell, even if prices get ridiculously high 😅

  21. Thats because before, barely anybody bought sealed pokemon product and waited for it to go up. Now, there is a whole community of people buying thousands of sealed products trying to make a lot of money from it. I agree with your sentiments though

  22. Personally id prefer a jar of dirt, keeps you safe from krakens I hear.

  23. ive got a jar of dirt, ive got a jar of dirt

  24. Yeah, a little unfortunate but fusion, evolving, vivid and shining all seem to be sets where you either get absolutely nothing or a big big pull, nothing inbetween

  25. Asking for the mods on this sub to do something is just as pointless as asking those people to not post! Theyre the worst. They probably wouldnt care enough to make a

  26. The only way you can really get rid of posts like that is to make posts that have certain keywords get auto deleted

  27. Thanks for the post, playing on PC and started off in bronze 4 this season, moved up to gold 1. Solo q is hard, but im determined to at least hit plat before the end of the season then start fresh with the new ranked system next

  28. thank you, just got there today and it feels really nice especially for soloq, good luck to you in the future too

  29. I honestly just thought it was another stock standard Pokemon game with a mediocre story and a distinct lack of Pokemon from previous gens. It really wasn't that great, nor "ahead of its time".

  30. The only big issues with gen 7 for me were the unskippable cutscenes for people who don't care about the story and the horrible lag

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