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  1. He flirted with Ginger, Kathy, the sleep clinic girl, the bracelet girl, the girl at Nanna's funeral, and Jade perfectly fine.

  2. Can you imagine the decision making skills she must possess while driving?

  3. Thank the Lord that he was driving.

  4. How to make a Redditor (Me) smile.

  5. It's so silly that, in the 90s, people in their 20s in NYC, would find tattoos even remotely surprising at all lol.

  6. In the 90s, the only adults I knew with tattoos were those who were in the military, or who made “stupid choices when they were drunk”. It was rare that people had them. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that they started to become popular.

  7. "Hey, you can't say you're breezy. That totally negates the breezy."

  8. must be his word of the day toilet paper!

  9. Better animations when you feed someone to a gator.

  10. Attempting to set fire to a vehicle, while other vehicles are in close proximity INCLUDING THE VEHICLE YOURE PLANNING TO ESCAPE IN?

  11. Only when the water's running.

  12. What an insane story. The kid, who if it wasn’t for his famous father you would not hear one word about, refuses to have a pic taken with a fan. I guess he thinks he’s Keith Richards now.

  13. Or maybe he was just hesitant about having his picture taken and inevitably posted online where thousands of people, if not more, are going to be commenting and judging?

  14. It had been long enough and the band was different enough at that point, that a traditional setlist made more sense than it would've for Alive II.

  15. 12 megabytes of RAM, 500 MB hard drive, built-in spreadsheet capabilities and a modem that transmits at over 28,000 bps.

  16. So not even 56k which is a phone line lol.

  17. "Bet you'll focking look where you're going next time you walk outside, eh?"

  18. Chuck's always been the last boy when I've heard this joke told before.

  19. She'd be pretty cute with basically any hairstyle.

  20. Looks like Marcel got to your remote as well.

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