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  1. I thought that's what downvotes were for? Filtering bad content

  2. Yet again, the power shifts from the users to the moderators.

  3. Yeah. I am against hate speech but any tools to detect what might be hateful just never works. There's voting system. There's a reporting system. There are mods who can manually remove things. The system works just fine, this is just another tool for overzealous communities to unnecessarily censor people and ideas they don't agree with imo.

  4. Actual good take from Cathy?? The market really IS screwed.

  5. Funny how you don't dispute the racist claim.

  6. Yeah I agree although US is pretty racist but across the board racism like randomly attacking Asians in NYC or obv general racism against others. Europe it's more like people don't belong there, come from middle east or whatever it seems.

  7. Really need to make a stand. Even if it's review bombing on release. Something needs to be done.

  8. Things that are easy to say until you see 200M in cash in front of you..

  9. It's not any different. Rust is just smaller so it doesn't get noticed as much. It's literally the same thing. I guarantee some of these sites are rigged and you are absolutely getting fleeced if you are playing on them.

  10. Who gives a shit about helping trans people? Lmao all of a sudden is he suppose to be the poster child for trans rights or something ? A rich, white, cis male?? Lmao hilarious

  11. Yes in general most vanguard index funds are just as tax efficient as etfs. They have a patent on their mutual funds where they have same tax efficiency as etfs.

  12. If they didn't pay ltcg in 2021 then they will likely never pay them lol.

  13. It is a farce. Russia has ample opportunity to pay but they have been limited to only paying in USD which they have no access to.

  14. Learning golf etiquette is a massive plus. Anyone can sling beer to dudes playing golf. Obv being attractive gets more tips much like any other tipped profession but above that just knowing when/where to stop and let them play or when you can move on just little things honestly just be friendly and you'll get a shit ton of tips.

  15. Neither is jamming scissors into your ballsac.

  16. Can I get a dog as a companion, or even as a pet on the spaceship? I just want a dog

  17. What's happened is you just lost everything you had on there. People please do not keep assets at any random sites. That goes for online poker too, they can and will take your money and you will literally never see it again.

  18. Call your local legislation and tell them to write the law.

  19. With a name like cockrack I wouldn't want to sign anything either.

  20. I lose with pocket Jacks every time so not surprising.

  21. Link to news saying it will officially be in R2000?


  23. That list shows the R3000 which =98% of all stocks. Below that were additions in 2021 which Clov was added but then later removed.

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