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Omelet time. Hopefully this is not too painful to watch.

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  1. No real Nicaraguan would ever eat there. You are better off going to one of the many fritanga places by the marlin stadium like Yambo.

  2. El Madroño is fantastic. That’s my go to.

  3. In these kind of events people are allowed to be around the DJ. If the DJ didn't want them there then there would be a stage for DJ and crew only.

  4. Soca is the Caribbean version of EDM music hahah.

  5. This looks straight out of out “20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”

  6. I work in social media and consume a lot of short internet content quickly and through the day; it shortens my attention span cause I have to keep moving. Long interrupted pages in books help me focus.

  7. Cheating on ethics exam sounds like they didn't just fail it, it's more like they succeeded in the exact opposite of what's intended.

  8. What irks me most is the team’s claim they “listened to the fans.” Had they done that they would have known we wanted to keep Burgundy and Gold

  9. If he's going to stretch I would like to see him play a villain. A truly despicable person just to see how that would work.

  10. How do you feel about him playing Col. Tom Parker in ELVIS? Would love to hear if that met your standard of a despicable person or if it doesn’t go far enough.

  11. I absolutely adored this novel. It is a window into our everyday lives: awkwardness, things unsaid, miscommunications, the need for connection.

  12. Love the explanation that Felix may just be culturally different but not necessarily rude. Thank you!

  13. I guess I didn’t see Felix’s behavior as that unacceptable. I saw him as unapologetically himself, when he was surrounded by people who hid themselves.

  14. Interesting perspective, thank you! I agree Simon eventually drops his guard and commits to Eileen now that you mention it. That should certainly count as growth.

  15. 900? More like 1200 for all 3 days

  16. You’ve paid 1200 for all three days… so far

  17. Simon the bartender is the sweetest man ever

  18. It says Nicaragua in the tags 😆

  19. Nicaraguan here… damn, sorry bout that 😅

  20. The following is hard. You handled it well OP.

  21. I believe IDLES was also on this bill. You would have been lucky to see them too.

  22. Living in Brooklyn. Easier to just ride the 7 Train to queens than go into the city and then the Bronx. Go Mets lol

  23. You can buy them directly from Waffle House and make them at home:

  24. Live look at the coin!! 📉📉📉📉📉

  25. Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart immediately comes to mind. This book introduced me to a world of creative possibilities in fiction: the use of different fonts, merging of multiple companies into one name, the mix of multiple genres like romance and dystopia. So much happens in that book that I had never seen before. Gary is the reason I love reading.

  26. lol. I’m liking the Raiders fans on our sub. Thanks for stopping by.

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