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  1. dude, as someone who got her panties stolen while in the water I just don’t bother with blacks beach. It’s not fun for young women to be in perpetual defense mode. Any person who enjoys the presence of women at the nude beach should aggressively step in when someone is acting badly.

  2. A professor from UCI with no affiliation with Watchdog moderated it. It was completely fair and objective in my view.

  3. Yes. But you are a liberal hence why you support this.

  4. Despite lack of denial, your post history. C‘mon man.

  5. The 2022 OC and Irvine Climate Voter Guides will help #OC vote on climate in city council, school board, and other local elections. Check it out and share! Help fight for our youths' futures by electing leaders who care.

  6. Larry Agran propaganda. Get out of here with this crap.

  7. Thank you for the link. I still get the same error message though: "Device encryption is temporarily suspended. Encryption will resume automatically the next time you restart the device."

  8. I had Microsoft replace my surface pro 8 over this. Annoying. I think a recent firmware update caused it.

  9. For some reason I’m on her email list. Funny how they says shes “fighting inflation” when she literally voted against the inflation reduction act.

  10. Corporate greed? Do your research to what actually happened.

  11. another guy who does this, throws his football around and is known as "Steve."

  12. Haven’t seen him in awhile. His brain is definitely fried.

  13. There is That but most gas stations are privately owned. Looks like Biden finally drained the last of our Emergency Oil reserves and the terrorist countries he's begging to produce more oil are laughing at him and telling him to fuck off. To add insult to injury we also suffer from the Newsome yearly gas tax increase.

  14. Gas is $1.50 per gallon cheaper in Hawaii than California. Go figure. Thanks Gavin.

  15. Did that knee tap at the end? Knee burned in lava.

  16. How to take it? So prepare to get pegged or prepare for her baby's daddy....

  17. Hmm why would a student driver drive like an asshole? They should be super experienced not like they don’t have their license yet or anything

  18. Saw an older guy in a beater car with that sticker on there driving like the biggest a-hole on the 55. I guess trying to take advantage with that sticker. I looked in his window to see he definitely isn't a student driver.

  19. You’d be surprised. My douchy ex who is in his 50’s has a sticker on his “modded” Mercedes that says student driver. Not sure why people in the car scene with modded cars put this student driver on their sticker, but they do.

  20. Exactly. Seen the same. Neighbor has a wrapped BMW i8 modified with that sticker on there too. Somehow he thinks it's cool.

  21. It's pretty intense. A lot of physical training. They push you hard to hit that four minute mile. You gotta engage that cart narcs speed on demand.

  22. California Rep. Katie Porter trashed Irvine police after they arrested man she lives with

  23. And she just turned 16... Why don't you have a seat right over there?

  24. The kicker is this happens when it's asleep. I've had one replaced over it but initially the replacement unit had the same problem. I tried a different charger and then went back to the original charger flipping the charging port to the opposite side I'm used to plugging in. I haven't experienced the problem since. Strange I know...

  25. Absolutely it can and is shot outside the bedroom quite often.

  26. Important to have that WD-40. Keep those wheels moving.

  27. Does his pants look like a butthole or is it just me?

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