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  1. If the only thing standing between me and the thing I want most in life is the support of my siblings and they proceed to start coming up with any bullshit excuse to invalidate me, including bringing up my deepest, darkest secret that I confided in them while in tears, before calling my adopted children illegitimate, well let's just say my reaction would probably be pretty irrational, too.

  2. Really in shock here at the most upvoted comments. Like beyond the fact that Shiv sprung up this backstab at the very last possible second, preventing him from getting what he's wanted since he was 7 years old, but she's saying this super loudly with like 20 people in the next room.

  3. Jericho definitively lost his feuds to Starks and now Cole, back to back. He sold for Britt Baker. He lost clean to Roddy Strong.

  4. That is so cool. When I saw the things on his ears, it was killing me about who I saw with a similar scheme.

  5. I think the new version of NXT is an acquired taste and it just isn't for me, I've tried multiple times since people have started talking about it.

  6. Yeah, sometimes I see the praise for the current product and I'm like, "alright let's give it a try" and I never see the appeal. I feel like it's one of those promotions that skirts a lot of criticism because there isn't a lot of eyes on it, at least from this sub.

  7. So I thought DoN was fine yesterday. Spectacular main events, though that Jericho and Cole match was notably underwhelming to the point that the first half of the card suffered for it. Personally, I really hope that TK takes note that that crowd responded the most to stuff that actually felt like AEW, and not the stuff that's like WWE (no I'm not saying WWE is bad). Except for the Jarretts.

  8. Overall, a somewhat slightly uneven night with some very high highs. Anarchy in the arena, the title match, Statlander's return, Trios match, tag match, all very good stuff.

  9. I think the Jericho/Cole match really threw off the vibes, because every other match on the card was about as good as you'd expect.

  10. Somehow better than last year's match.

  11. That was out of this world. A lot of storytelling there too. Great callbacks.

  12. That was a cool way to announce it.

  13. Match never really hit for me. It felt like Jericho had to carry this match.

  14. Has there been anything suggesting that Tony watches joshi’s at all? He likely wanted Mercedes for obvious reasons rather than pure Stardom representation

  15. I wouldn't be surprised if he watched some AJW matches from the early 90s. But modern stuff, no I can't see it.

  16. Tam fucking Nakano, man. So many people hated the decision and even I wouldn't have crowned another double champion in modern Stardom, but I can't help but feel happy for Tam because if anyone was going to do it, she was who deserved it the most. If it's true Tam's days as wrestler are numbered, then she's going to shine the brightest until the end.

  17. A lot of people just seem to feel bad for Mina from what I can see.

  18. Underwhelming finish, but I'm happy for Asuka.

  19. I wonder if the original plan was for Tam to take the white belt off of Saya or Mina was always intended to have a white belt reign.

  20. My gut is saying that the original plan was for Mirai to take it from Saya. But then the Phoenix Splash botch happened and it caused rossy to change course

  21. This might end up being an unpopular move, but I appreciate the ballsiness to actually go through with having a definitive winner when so many assumed (and accepted) it would be a draw.

  22. So, the notable exclusions from last year are Hanan, Risa Sera, Saki Kashima, Unagi, Momo Khogo and SAKI.

  23. Not exactly a bad episode, but I expected more from the go home Dynamite. Only the Anarchy in the Arena feels important righht now, and even in that, Kenny was oddly missing.

  24. It sort of feels like everyone, from AEW to the fans, are looking past DoN and looking towards the summer shows (FD, All In, All Out).

  25. Reports said it seemed like NJPW for some reason wouldn’t even pay for Mark Davis surgery, seems weird

  26. I don't get it. Bushiroad isn't exactly poor or anything.

  27. I'm fairly sure most women's matches on Dynamite in recent weeks/months have been in the first hour, or at least in a different time slot than the one people have complained about.

  28. The wrestling gods have given you the power to retroactively change the winner of any title match in wrestling history. Which match do you pick and why?

  29. Asuka beating Charlotte clean when she still had the undefeated streak.

  30. Will be shocked if Vaquer isn't signed by some American promotion in the next two years.

  31. Only went 12 minutes. And Mercedes didn't kick out the first doctor bomb.

  32. Either somebody needs to explain what the fuck Rosa did or they all need to stop talking about it.

  33. It's been said a few times now (by Reg, who was Will's cohost, and apparently SRS) but fans really should stop making the "booker of the year" jokes about Will Washington, and stop acting as if he took over the booking. It's going to make him look really bad to others in the company.

  34. If it was all just a miscommunication between lawyers, I wonder what that miscommunication was?

  35. It's a very Punk friendly article from a very Punk friendly reporter. The "miscommunication" is probably the most important part of the story, and he basically skimmed past it.

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