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  1. A lot of the exotic fruits I've been buying (which is from Albertsons, a US store) seem to be unripe. Am I just impatient or is there something with the export process that makes it go bad

  2. It is perfectly ripe. Buhddas hand has no flesh like oranges or lemons. It's essentially all rind. Its only real use is in cooking, not so much direct eating.

  3. There are two reasons why I don't like it personally. A: it looks nothing like what it's supposed to represent(our town tree). B: I just don't like it's look. Perhaps I mistook that for overcomplification originally.

  4. I like one and three the best, personally i also like seven but i don't know how it relates to Menifee

  5. It's likely referring to our town tree. It's a common symbol of our town. Still, I think it looks too complicated.

  6. This is the flag of Lanarkshire, a county in south Scotland(Specifically Philip Tibbetts’s flag proposal).

  7. Disclaimer, this is from the new Easter Egg Seed: “ for the worthy “

  8. I heard someone say it was a Jungle Mimic. I'm not sure though since it doesn't seem very miniboss-y....

  9. Dont know. Probably shouldn't have fought it in Master mode...

  10. Summoned by killing a butterfly(forgot the name) that summons in the hallow at night.

  11. Interesting. But strange that it looks nothing like the map icon

  12. Its possible it might have some kind of color effect on it like Rainbow Slime. That could be why it looks weird.

  13. Will be deleting this if it turns out to be wrong.

  14. I already killed them unfortunately. This was a while ago.

  15. Seen in my recent playthrough. What are they looking at?

  16. Where would you spawn? Underground?

  17. To think I spent so much time removing the Corruption on my first Large world... Damn, man. I tried to flood Hell before, and I don't think it worked. It glitched the game and removed the water, I think.

  18. Water actually eventually evaporates if it's in hell(or at least it's supposed to). I'm pretty sure that will eventually be the case here too, but at least it should remove the threat of lava.

  19. This. As an ex old-gen console player this would be amazing. Not sure how they'd put the armor sets in though.

  20. Redesigned from my last post. I tried my best to take on the ideas of others whilst keeping the same symbolism. The Red represents Oklahoma's dark past with the Trail of Tears and the Blue background represent a future of prosperity for Oklahoma's native population and all others. The Oak leaves are indicative of the Cherokee populations, and the white star is a symbol representing it's status as a state. Make sure to tell me what you think in the comments!


  22. Dude, thank you so much. It looks much better in HD.

  23. A flag for a fictional UN-type alien union. Part of my Alternate History project. Make sure to tell me what you think in the comments!

  24. I would take out the green lines and pick different colors for the central star. Cool flag though.

  25. This is really good. I like the way you placed the earth within the crescent. Creative. But if I were you I'd put more symbolism for space.

  26. My take on a flag for Antarctica for my Alternate History. The seven stars represent the seven original colonies of the continent. The white represents the icy landscape and the blue represents the sky. The southern cross is self explanatory. Make sure to tell me what you think in the comments!

  27. And yes, I know the name's kind of bad. Never said I was good at naming things.

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