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  1. Manlybadasshero plays a lot of pixel horror games I suppose? There’s mr.hopps, the anglerfish(?), lots of rpgmaker games

  2. Love the silver eyes and black outline around their nose!

  3. He's really cute! You have an adorable style.

  4. Mm hmm! Noted. Thanks for the feedback because honestly I’m just trying out different watermarks to see which works best

  5. It’s ref’ed from the official chongyun character art! But it seems that spicing things up made it look more fluid. Thank you!

  6. I don’t even go to eden anymore since abyss. Too lazy to reclaim all the wings back

  7. If you think that's tough wait until you get to the Omega and Pitios

  8. I didn’t heed the ice lady’s warning when I first encounter Omega and I got KO’ed a few minutes in. I was like “huh so ice god is afraid of this cockroach looking thing. Welp I’m gonna prove her wrong!” Famous last words.

  9. Just got this handsome little dude! He's energetic, affectionate, and very headstrong. Shelter named him DJ, but we're looking for something special, possibly quirky.

  10. How long does the floofy tail take to dry when it is soaked in water?

  11. My heart- he’s so adorable in pixel form! Nice art ( ´ ▽ ` )

  12. I also have to add that I adore the dairy queen swirl hair on his head. It’s such a nice little detail!

  13. Pro tip about the hand holding quest: go to the season of performance area and hold the spirits’ hand when you play the quest where you encourage the actors/actresses! Also you didn’t do anything wrong. But just in case you’ll encounter these kind of people again when you need to do the quest, I have an alternative that doesn’t require a player’s help

  14. Just afk and go do something else. by the time I finish doing the something else, the quest will be done

  15. Friend request sent! Am I too late for the commission?

  16. Well, I just discovered my pants are so manly that each of its pocket comes with its own pocket inside. I’ve heard rumors about men’s pants having more inventory space than women’s but double pockets? Now that is unexpected.

  17. Dude, how do you work out to get so ripped? Also congrats on 1 year on T!

  18. Oh? What do you mean by that? As in art commission?

  19. I’m too poor for that, could I use its outline as a base?

  20. Oh, sorry but no. I will only allow tracing if it’s tracing from my base I specially make for that purpose

  21. Their eyeglasses. And I’ll scatter a bunch of copies of the glasses’ photo around the house. It’s not like they can tell the differences anyways if they are as blind as a bat.

  22. With the building made of wood and cobblestone, I think the dirt path fits better as it suits the atmosphere more

  23. Ronny, Flare, Sundrop/moondrop, Cerulean, Hunter

  24. Hecc yeah witch boys rule! I kinda want to be a witch boy too though now that I think about it. Gonna go turn transphobe into toads

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