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  1. I punched a good friend on the face for eating my last pot noodle when I flat shared, there comes a breaking point. One of the guys I lived with I'd spit on if I ever saw him again. I could honestly never flat share again in my life.

  2. Hahaha I’ve had the exact same problem where someone ate my last ramen 😂 had a word with them then, was really pissed off

  3. Thanks guys 😭 I know very passive aggressive of me but I just needed to get it out

  4. Boundary setting is hard and I’m codependent so I really, really hate it. There is a trick to getting underway: start with things at a distance and work up to the things where it’s harder because you have emotional involvement to the person you need a boundary with. So, if Starbucks mess up your order, a people pleaser will often just say “oh it’s fine I’ll just have this instead”. Those little moments are the place to start building your Nope muscles.

  5. Have you talked to them? If you haven’t talked to them, there’s no way they could know you’re not okay with it. While I agree that it is rude, they aren’t mind readers. Use your words.

  6. Yeah true.. for the communal stuff I have definitely mentioned it before but there’s just no action. It’s my personality they see me as a generous person and even though they’ll say they’ll buy something they just don’t have the responsibility and actually do it

  7. thanks a lot for replying even a year after the post lol, good to hear though after just 2 days im already starting to notice changes which is good

  8. Hey lol this just happened to me the other day, like two days ago. I didn’t take it to Apple bc I know they take the piss with water damage I took it to an IT repair place that i know is decent and they looked at my MacBook Air and said the same thing as this guy about how the motherboard is all fine. I’m also just hoping my screen gets better with time !

  9. your screen will definitely better over time! what I've done is simply leave my laptop open every night and over time the water on the screen would shrink a bit day by day. just make sure not to use a hairdryer (heat damage) or us the tent position as it could damage your laptop further

  10. Oh damn okay! I tried keeping it near my heater n stuff but I went to sleep with it closed! I’ll definitely leave it open tonight - thanks!!

  11. Your friend is wrong but probably not stupid. Lack of life experience and has never driven into central for a commute. They will soon learn.

  12. Yeah true but we have been into central london many times for days / nights out! So not sure why she was so adamant I was wrong and that I didn’t have to take the train Lool

  13. She has a nice car now and has always been the ‘driver’ friend whereas I don’t really care even though I can drive. So even when we go out of reading I don’t mind taking trains and public transport as I think it’s easier than finding parking etc, I can also drink that way lol.

  14. Like every other post. Get the fuck out of there. It will only get worse. Our parents have no clue what they are doing. You are being damaged badly, I’m used to the sporadic yelling and noises. All while being told this is love, yea fuck you. I’m out

  15. Yeah it’s rough. When I’m able to I will be moving out, I think that’s the best scenario for many of us

  16. I'm so sorry you're experiencing this from your dad. You don't deserve it whatsoever. Parents are the adults and, as such, they should know how to regulate their emotions in a more mature way.

  17. Thanks so much for your comment, it’s nice to be able to share with people who just get it. Hope things gets better for us.

  18. Yeah, I didn’t wanna say it but this all sounds pretty basic. The OP sounds like a young person w/o a lot of work experience.

  19. Been working in restaurants and hospitality for 3 years and other corporate places for just over a year. Not really - guess I didn’t explain well enough

  20. Why do you even care? There’s gonna be annoying people at every job. Especially bosses. I guess you just gotta learn to let that shit go and not bother you.

  21. Hmm I guess I care because he is actually saying something to me.. yeah every job will have annoying ppl but I have to specifically interact and talk and work with this person who is annoying as fuck lol

  22. Your chores lists were pretty straight forward. There was no reason to assume that there would be a glitch in doing them.

  23. That’s what I was trying to explain to her too! It was a simple thing, and if sister called once and I didn’t pick up.. all she needed to was finish her shit and come back home. No need for all that anger and shouting at me

  24. you should make a custom DND, you can select who/what apps you get notifications from. I can’t say who the AH is, because while it’s unhealthy to always have DND on, it’s your phone and while they might be on your favorites, it doesn’t always work. But your sister was wrong in choosing to go to a different store than planned.

  25. Yeah.. I’ve checked my settings and I think w the new IOS Update you have to manually select it. I think what’s annoying is that she’s shouting at me over something I didn’t do purposefully.. I didn’t put my phone on DND so I could ignore her calls.. if I saw her calling I would have picked up.

  26. Hi I did a year long internship/placement before uni and it was honestly the best thing to do!! Not only does it teach you so much life skills, gives you a breather from all the 18 years of being in education.. but just having that experience of working full time really sets you up for after uni... don't worry about being left out and a year older, almost all the people I know at uni also took a gap year and you actually get to make so many friends from this shared experience because you are that bit older..

  27. This. One thing I'd highly recommend is to study, study, study. OP is on an accounting apprenticeship (I assume AAT) so doing very well for herself.

  28. Totally agree - I hope you work hard and you will be in an amazing position in a few years time! All the best darling

  29. Hi guys, don’t know how to edit the post and actually add the comment but here it is:

  30. Hi guys, don’t know how to edit the post and actually add the comment but here it is:

  31. Second chapter, good free wifi and it’s big so you tend not to feel like you’re taking up precious space. Just don’t hog space and power sockets.

  32. omg im in the same position as you rn except I haven't yet written my politics essay due in for Monday, but when you wrote it and did references did you read in depth sources or skin through and just refer to them ?

  33. aw I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier! Tbh I do read the sources rather than skim but I read like the section that’s relevant and skim the rest if that makes sense

  34. I know ppl that went to RHUL and they have a good nightlife! depends on friends you make imo

  35. I definitely thought this was standard when I was growing up, do people not use née anymore?

  36. lol I immediately also thought to use nee, I am quite young in my 20s but have always seen it on wiki when i search people!

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