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  1. Do you reckon a different manager would be getting much more out of this team? I get the feeling that’s the case but the strength and depth of the squad will keep Neilson in a job.

  2. It’s a risk. If we got a proper quality manager with these players then it could really kick on into something special.

  3. True I didn’t really consider the possibility of a truly catastrophic appointment.

  4. I definitely wouldn’t be doing it mid-season, but if we’ve not got a clear style by the end of the season then questions should be getting asked.

  5. Due to the split neither Celtic or Rangers can end up in the bottom 6 so both are guaranteed to finish 6th at worse.

  6. I forgot about the split maths. Cheers, will add it in next time.

  7. Is it possible to do the same chart but over the course of, for example, 2 matchdays? I'm guessing the chart will become useless the more matchdays you add, but say for 6 points I can see that Motherwell and United don't change much but we might see a Blob™ of sorts in the middle pack

  8. Yeah I could try that, my only worry would be that you end up with one Super BlobTM type thing that doesn’t actually give you much detail

  9. Somehow Mckirdy has managed to do a dive more embarrassing than his hair

  10. We somehow seem to have ended up with 2 Blobs, so I'm not really sure where that leaves the Dots Cinematic Universe.

  11. Aberdeen have a worse goal difference than Motherwell

  12. I can’t tell if this result shows that beating hibs 3-0 twice was pretty impressive or that we should have scored another 5 against Aberdeen

  13. I’m starting to get this weird feeling that Jim Goodwin wasn’t a very good appointment

  14. Hi Shaun mate, all that stuff about you being a shit manager and very very short were just a joke. I hope you understand and pretty please don’t recall Humphrys x

  15. Tears in my eyes as we fly up the statement league.

  16. See that's what I thought but he's framing it as a bad thing. He's effectively said they're doing worse by a mile for topping this table when the opposite seems to be true. Rangers are doing the worst by conceding 63% more goals than we were expected to.

  17. The fact that Aberdeen should have conceded even more based on their general play is a bad thing. It means they’ve been even worse than their stats suggest. He is analysing how good Aberdeen are based on their underlying numbers, which suggest they’re honking.

  18. I feel enough pressure when this happens to me on fm. Can’t imagine everyone being told publicly that you need to win or you’re sacked in your real job is too nice an experience

  19. He saw how good Zander has been and decided his leg was fixed. What a machine

  20. Positions wise this is but squad wise it definitely is not. They are by all accounts a league 1/championship squad probably with close to the biggest part time wage budget in Scotland (I would guess).

  21. Hey! There was absolutely zero talent in that Hearts team, I can assure you of that

  22. Darvel cementing themselves as the third force in Scottish football

  23. Aberdeen can’t get the ball off of Darvel. Fucking tremendous

  24. The classic Darvel referee bias strikes again

  25. Wasn't that quote from last season before he signed Anthony Stewart too?

  26. Yep, think it was after one of his first games in charge…

  27. Hamilton you better be as shite as you say you are


  29. Nice to be able to play the same team 2 games in a row without any injuries for once. Now away to nervously fidget for the next hour

  30. That’s not a pen surely? Deflection is so close to him, he’s got no time to react

  31. Andy Murray is going to grow the Aussie-Scotland connection even more than Cammy Devlin has. What an absolute machine

  32. There was a (short) time when I thought Walker-Reilly-Nicholson would be our front line for years to come. Glad he seems to be doing well

  33. That’s funny because I’m chuffed and giddy

  34. I don’t think people being willing to pay is a good enough indicator that these prices are fair. I’d pay £50 to watch Hearts in a cup final but I still think that’s a ridiculous price that puts us in danger of going a similar route as English football where fans are priced out and a hobby that provides an escape for so many people becomes inaccessible

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