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  1. Still could be a Myst sequel, just one that takes the series in a bold, new direction.

  2. Gonna be a long road making a meme out of every line in this 4 hour masterpiece! Though I guess you will have a bit of a break during Kraven’s silent “vision quest” scene.

  3. I think humans appearing in the Splatlands would go over fine. They might not even notice you as something foreign. Lest we forget that when Octolings started appearing in Inkopolis Square, most of the kids thought they were just Inklings with unique hair.

  4. I hope he still does in SM2 tbh, it would give him more individuality

  5. I hope they do it the other way around, like Peter is trying to give Miles the Spider-Man name proper while he tries to think of a new name for his persona. Could imagine a good running gag of Peter workshopping his new name throughout the game even during fights.

  6. He just wanted them to rescue him and those mfs crashed a separatist flag-ship into corussant and somehow survived. This was in no way planned

  7. The look Palps gives R2 as they are burning up on reentry is very much a look of “Things have gotten out of hand very quickly. I may have not thought this all through.”

  8. Honestly, not much. We all want more Owl House action, but I feel like we know so much about Young Eda and crew already that a lot of the stuff people would want to see has already been covered. Like, we saw Eda meet Raine, get cursed, run away from home, find the portal door, meet King, etc. Plus, you have the general problem of prequels where you know where everyone is going to end up right from the start.

  9. It will say that from the next batch and a lawsuit using this video as evidence.

  10. Don’t know if there’s much to litigate with this one. She got some cake mix on her. Oh no? Had there been some injury from mixing the mix inside the mix box, then you might have something. But at that point the lawsuit would probably go to the mixer and not the cake mix company.

  11. I got more the impression of like the cheese blaster you would see in old Kid Cuisine commercials. Just really thick, artificial cheese fired at high velocity.

  12. I will not take any Star slander in this household. Girl didn’t fight and practically die to change the oppressive political system in her kingdom just to be hated over misconceptions about her actions.

  13. I love me some Dunkey. He's a great comedian and an occasionally great critic... But I don't think of him as someone who would succeed at managing a publishing company. It's easy to say "This released game is good" but it's a lot harder to say definitively "This good idea WILL be good," especially when Dunkey, as far as I'm aware, hasn't made any game himself. Like I don't think he's credited in anything in any substantial enough way to where he would know the development pipeline.

  14. Blade and Sorcery seems like a very well-made game that’s probably really fun, but every clip I’ve seen makes the player come off as a violent sociopath. Like obviously it’s just pretend violence so it’s perfectly fine, it’s just a funny side effect that the game puts you into situations where you gleefully decapitate and disembowel.

  15. We were all so preoccupied with trying to figure out if Aunt May knew Peter’s identity that we completely overlooked that Ditkovich probably knew from day one. I mean, he has the ears of a cat and the eyes of a rodent, he surely heard or saw Pete suit up at some point. Probably explains why he’s so lenient on Peter being continuously late on RENT.

  16. I’m concerned by Step 4 saying to “pull a light-hearted prank on her” while attached to the image of the man brandishing the fish-gutting knife.

  17. My usual strategy is to look where my teammate(s) are before the hatches open and prep my shot for the side directly in front of me. So if my teammate is on the right, I aim for the left. Rarely do they try shots across, especially if I move a little bit further away from them as it signals to them my intentions.

  18. Get me a series of Sandman fights that escalate in the same way as they do in the Spectacular Spider-Man. Have him go from low-level threat to a hard-to-hit super villain with a hammer gimmick, all the way to a towering giant. Could be one of the few characters that would play with scale in that way.

  19. Marcy wearing giant stilettos in order to finally be taller than the rest of the group.

  20. A lot of people mentioned rhythm games in general, but the title, colors, and general cover design remind me of the Persona Dancing series of rhythm games in particular. Persona 4 Dancing All Night, Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight, and Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight.

  21. Can’t you though? Could have sworn there’s a section when editing your locker to choose a different locker entirely. A tab past the the clothing and stickers and all that. I didn’t have any other lockers unlocked so I couldn’t verify.

  22. I found after a crash sometimes the game just needs a full restart on Steam Deck. Some maps also just don’t seem optimized enough to work currently. The High School one repeatedly crashes throughout and I couldn’t even get to the first wave of the water park one.

  23. That one you posted I like in particular. It’s very cozy and warm knowing Marie has her own little podcast she’s been running for 100 episodes. Plus, I’m also amused by the idea of a well-over 5 hour podcast episode.

  24. Splatoon as a series is a very appealing game for the LGBT community just for a lot of the things it doesn’t restrict. 1 and 2 let you change genders at any time and the game doesn’t treat the player any different. There are a lot of different clothing items that allow you to express yourself in different ways, most of the NPCs compliment you by saying you look nice or are cool regardless of what you do or how you act, and the games overall are inspired by rebellious teen culture with graffiti and punk music. It all combines to make a game that allows people to explore who they are.

  25. (We’ve done something truly magical here these last few hours, friends. Thank you.)

  26. And there’s nothing more cephalopod than shooting a squid in this makomart of a world

  27. I mean, just don’t use it outside of the context of COD and you’ll be fine. The whole snafu around the person getting the tattoo of the 935 logo with the lightning bolts is that yeah, Zombies players know it’s a fictional group affiliated with fictional Nazis, but everyone unfamiliar is just going to see the Nazi identifier and assume the individual is associating themself with real life Nazis. Always be careful with the real-world perception of iconography outside of its in-game context.

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