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  1. Danielle Smith is indirectly doing the people's work here lol

  2. decision from Justice Maria Sirivar in Youth Court.

  3. What's your issue with that particular judge? Do you have a problem with the colour of her skin?

  4. You already get those lectures on a Uni campus, they just aren't advertised as public events. I've had black TAs talk about the purity of being black in my class while the Marxist prof sits uncomfortable knowing in her ontology she can't say anything.

  5. How am I ignorant on the Bible? Are you saying that it DOESN'T encourage people to stone those who are homosexual or who work on Sundays? Cause that's literally what the Bible says, and that is precisely the reason why I despise it.

  6. The new testament and Jesus's fulfillment of the messiah prophecy freed us from the practices of the old testament. That's why no sane Christian sacrifices animals or does the majority of the pagan shit in the old testament.

  7. Haven't heard that one, he doesn't impress me much, but tired of Trudeau's antics.

  8. Many fine people are saying that Pierre Poilievre is a groper

  9. That guy gives off the "everything right of Marx is literally Hitler" vibe.

  10. Postmedia gives off the "everything left of Hitler is literally communism" vibe.

  11. We've known for years that facts have a well-known Liberal bias....

  12. Winnipeg has 3x the murder rate of Toronto. In fact, many Canadians cities have a significantly higher crime/murder rate than Toronto. And don't even get me started on comparable US cities...Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, Jackson (Mississippi), the list goes on and on....

  13. Want responsible drinking... Get rid of our current government that cause the drinking problem in the first place.

  14. Conservatives cater to the rich and powerful elites? You don't say....

  15. Between $5 million and $9 million depending on which link you click in google.

  16. He sounds like one of those Laurentian elites....

  17. Conservatives need to get their slimy hands off our health care

  18. Alternative title: "Subsidy is provided for academics that can prove facts, and disprove crazy conspiracy theories. Subsidy is NOT provided for the crazy conspiracy theorists."

  19. ITT: A lot of misinformation-spewing smoothbrain fools

  20. Canadians were better off when Harper was Prime Minister. Literally, factually, statistically.

  21. Harper destroyed Canada. Literally, factually, statistically, evidentially, and scientifically.

  22. Harper was able to more or less insulate Canada from a major economic crisis. Same can’t be said for Trudeau.

  23. Harper literally destroyed our country and Trudeau saved it

  24. Alberta Cons interfered with a criminal case. Colour me shocked.

  25. Article for those who can’t get past the paywall (from

  26. Why the fuck would anyone wanna read an opinion piece from the nationalist post?

  27. I mean I'd love to take a chance on the conservatives considering how badly the liberals are doing right now. Hard to imagine things getting worse.

  28. LOOOL hard to imagine things getting worse? Now that's privilege

  29. Things have obviously been swimmingly well under the Liberals

  30. Meanwhile tens of thousands of drunk drivers casually went about their business, with no regard for human life. You’re 5 times more likely to be killed by a drunk driver than a firearm. And if you aren’t commuting suicide, which has never been easier in Canada, or participating and gang violence, the chances of you ever encountering gun violence in Canada is slim to none. How about a ban on liquor? No? There’s less of an excuse to keep liquor in the country than there is guns. It kills way more people every year… wait they tried that? Bans don’t work?!? Well geee…. I guess people that are trying to ban guns are complete idiots.

  31. Nice way of saying you can’t refute the absolute truth of what I’m saying.

  32. Great job, migration service. Don't be surprised when you'll know about russian spies

  33. That sounds like something a Russian spy would say....

  34. You guys were all singing a different tune about Russians seeking refugee status when the war first kicked off.

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