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  1. This was infact taken from inside a bird nest box, the roof just lifts up and I just took a pic

  2. Do you have many nest boxes? There are a few groups locally to me that have some extensive bluebird trails.

  3. Bluebirds are cavity nesters. This photo does not appear to be inside a cavity, I would guess these are blue jay nestlings.

  4. Yeah, that's why I'm asking here. Even if it says it's open, you won't know until you get there.

  5. There is a Husky station in White River. She’ll in Schreiber. They are truck stops so while it has been years since I travelled highway 17 at night, those two should be open for gas over night. Wawa and Marathon Terrace Bay all have gas stations but possibly will not be open in the middle of the night.

  6. I have never eaten chicken wings that were worse than St Louis’. Yet people must like them or why else are they still sold.

  7. Some people misguidedly feed rabbits. They think they are doing the rabbits good doing so. That with the lack of predators, their population is artificially high.

  8. Dude salt is salt... It doesn't change it's chemical properties by being blessed by a Rabbi.

  9. It also lacks iodine which can and does affect the taste of foods. The larger crystals also do not dissolve quickly so it’s great for drawing moisture out of meats before barbecuing.

  10. Isn't the vibe just a Toyota Matrix though? Dont get me wrong I have a matrix and love it, great car. But idk if a vibe is really a Pontiac

  11. Vibes were assembled in California while the Matrix was assembled in Cambridge. The Vibe did use plenty of Toyota parts, but it was not a rebadged Matrix.

  12. Kijiji at least gives you some anonymity at first. I have sold a few items with and a few were super smooth transactions and others people will try lower their offers even after an agreement has been made. I have only looked at a few FB ads and I get a sketchy vibe from that platform. I doubt I will ever use FB it to sell anything.

  13. It was packed beyond belief one night in July a few years back. Of course like us, many of us were there for the last naked eye visible comet.

  14. I've been working my way through the show on Freevee. I'm currently in the second season and it's still good. I am not looking forward to getting to whatever this is

  15. I don't have cruise control on my car. On a car I rented recently they had a cruise control where you set your speed and then it adjusts to keep you at the perfect distance behind the car you're following even if they speed up or slow down, it was pretty cool.

  16. With this you become one of those drivers that is continually on and off your brakes. Sure the car is doing it, but the brakes lights are still coming on every time someone cuts in front of you, or you get to close to the car in front of you.

  17. Well it once was Canada’s wealthiest city. Old attitudes are hard to change.

  18. Delta or American. But seriously, a gull can leave quite a mess. If the window was wet before it hit, the mess will spread wider.

  19. I would not fully trust Merlin to identify birds for use on eBird. While it is really good at identifying the calls and songs for many birds, it does make errors.

  20. Why did you move there if you knew there was a high number of quarries and gravel pits?

  21. Kind of like moving near Pearson and complaining about the planes. People need to research where they are potentially moving to before they actually do.

  22. I know it’s not “local” or small business, but Loblaws on Bayfield likely has what you’re looking for. Italian Bakery has a great selection of desserts, just not sure about cheesecake.

  23. While the two mentioned locations have cheesecake, IMO they do not sell great cheesecakes. Menchie’s on Bayfield Street has frozen Cheesecake Factory pieces, but unfortunately fresh is better. J’Adore on Dunlop Street East used to have fantastic ones available, but they have not had them for quits a long time unless they have a new source.

  24. I'll add that one to a future edition. but yeah, assignment is too rename these three

  25. Kirtland’s Warbler could be added as well (Jackpine Warbler). Plus the aforementioned Prothonotary Warbler (Swamp Warbler). Gosh the list to rename warblers will be longer. Tennessee, Nashville, Magnolia.

  26. Do not use glue traps for starters. But hopefully a wildlife rehabber can help.

  27. In some satellite views around the Grayling and Roscommon you can see the route the planting machines appeared to take to create the openings. Perhaps the used to cut the openings in the past? Seems like a waste of planting efforts.

  28. I am fairly sure that is unplanted areas not due to cutting. This is use to mimic what naturally occurs after a wildfire. The Kirtland’s Warblers need open areas amongst the dense young Jackpine forests.

  29. Was it? I do remember them redoing it but didn't remember it being Zehrs never really shopped there before that time. It really seems not much different than a Zehrs anyway.

  30. If you go further back into the grocery chain histories in Barrie, both No Frills were Loblaws stores before their rebranding. If I recall correctly, the old Zehra location on Cundles East was a Loblaws before they did the rebrandings.

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