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  1. That's a reasonable outlook. I have never actually been there yet ( I actually thought it had closed down).

  2. It was slated to be closed several years back with about 5 or 6 other provincial parks in Ontario. Several were kept open when local communities like Earlton (KapKigIwan PP) and Geraldton (MacLeod PP) took over the operation of those parks. Springwater is now operated by the Beausoleil First Nation. Greenbelt PP and Shoals PP are two of the parks that did close.

  3. Give it to me lol. This was distilled the day before I was born. If I ever come into a good sum of money, I will be looking to the auctions for this bottling.

  4. So genetically modified corn is never used in any bourbon mash bills?

  5. I find it interesting how small the border of Toronto is. Doesn't even reach the 401.

  6. Not all that many years ago Toronto never touched the 401. It went through Scarborough,North York and Etobicoke. It was not until amalgamation that Toronto had the 401 through it.

  7. Don't worry, that incoming 7% budget increase for the Barely Police will fix the problem.

  8. Not much will fix the Barrie police problem. Perhaps having the OPP take over might and move all the current Barrie cops elsewhere within the OPP system.

  9. Perhaps you might if you were a tortoise or a bristlecone pine. /s

  10. I'm saving up for an aillio but till I can afford that I'm still buying roasted coffee. Yeah I'm probably on par with your drinking of coffee. Wife and myself somewhere around 1kg a week. Mostly myself as I'll make a couple shots of espresso daily. What set up do you have at home ? I'm waiting for my p64 to show up to replace my niche zero

  11. Did wear out your Niche Zero? I know James Hoffman raved about the Niche grinder.

  12. I've been there but the selection was all super dark for my liking but I will say their tea selection is amazing.

  13. They have a big bin of light roasted Ethiopian Sidamo behind the counter. It is my go to coffee at Hamley’s. Also when the Christmas season gets closer, visit there for harder to get specialty coffees like Galapagos, Jamaican Blue Mountain and many other single origin offerings. They do sell out quickly though.

  14. Sadly it does not work now. I will send them an email directly to see if that will work.

  15. I think Jimmy Chews quality has slipped. I have purchased from there 4 times. The first 3 times the pizza was fantastic, worth the premium prices they have. The last time I bought pizza there, it was like they forgot to add the cheese. I will not be buying from them any time soon.

  16. Neat bottle. I had no idea The Bay had operations in the US at some point.

  17. Back in the fur trade days they certainly did. Depots were everywhere. Mind you, this was before the American Revolution.

  18. They are required whenever their previous habitat has been removed. The bat houses will give bats a new place to roost because the habitat they previously used was removed. It is really just a feel good kind of thing, as many go unused, when they allow our forests to be stripped for houses and road building.

  19. Old photo. Robert Simpson was a great Barrie made beer until Flying Monkeys changed to the hoppy crap.

  20. Last night I opened the highly touted Glen Scotia 15 that the LCBO just released. I enjoyed it enough I might hunt for a back up. Oddly it was a good price from the LCBO for a 15yo scotch.

  21. These companies take a cut from the employer. So theoretically you could get paid more and better benefits if you apply direct. Have you tried canplas, CSR, Honda (if you can drive out there), Matsu manufacturing? I would search manufacturing in Barrie and send resumes out, labor is so needed right now you can probably find a great job.

  22. Also the probation period starts when you get on full time with whatever company you end up with through an agency. Or at least it did in the past. Therefore a company gets a 6 month period to assess a new hire.

  23. I got a case from here very reputable lol

  24. There is the toxic plume that starts around Canplas on Patterson Road. Not sure when that started or what company was the source of the pollution though.

  25. I want more storms I enjoy thunder I love watching lighting bolts in the sky

  26. Nothing like a loud clap of thunder in the middle of the night to wake you up. Then you get to watch the sky light up with more flashes of lightening. I miss the storms too, I just do not want the damaging effects they sometimes bring.

  27. I was forced to delete the app and reload it. For some reason it allowed me back in. Was there an update today? Anyways I am back and able to help my clan again.

  28. Offer ticket to Blizzard support tell them what happened thinking there are the one who can help you

  29. I tried to do that but found getting to an appropriate area to start a ticket. I will try on my computer later. I will have to miss my clans battle tonight.

  30. I guess the donuts just appeared out of thin air. Magical how that happens, isn't it

  31. Prove that they work in “shifts”. If you have such a problem with it. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and advocate for the police to be defunded so they can get the help they need.

  32. I think he went back for a 2nd time and all the money was gonna go for charity organization, he didn’t win but he was close. Not sure so correct me if I am wrong

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