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  1. Telling that Pence and Biden didn't trust the secret service. Pence refused to get in a car with them on 1/6, and Biden had to get an entirely new security detail in 2020 because of safety concerns.

  2. Yes, totally. Look at my name lol, you think I would spout stuff off without a source?

  3. This doesn't change my opinion of him, he's still an ancient old goat who cares more about the GOP than Iowa.

  4. It's always interesting that the right says Biden is too old for office, but then reelects Chuck who will be well into his 90's when his term is over.

  5. Does this journalist/news org think this article had to be published in this moment? It is not adding anything useful to the abortion debate. No one knows who Sanger is, and it isn't relevant at the moment.

  6. A former White House official revealed explosive new details Tuesday about President Donald Trump’s actions on Jan. 6, 2021, telling Congress that he knew his supporters were carrying weapons, insisted on personally leading the armed mob to the Capitol, physically assailed the senior Secret Service agent who told him it was not possible, expressed support for the hanging of his own vice president, and mused about pardoning the rioters.

  7. Anyone who tries to normalize this behavior is either insane, or not arguing in good faith. This behavior is beyond reprehensible, its literally fascism.

  8. Honestly, I don't even want to celebrate the 4th this year.

  9. A white coach can kneel and pray, but a black player can't kneel and protest. A woman can't be trusted to make decisions about her own body, the state must decide. But the state can't be trusted to enact reasonable gun laws. White Christian Fascists want to institute a state and government religion, and kill anyone who disagrees. Yeah not much to be proud of this year.

  10. Why trust the states? Why not leave it up to individual cities. But even then, can city governments be trusted? Why not leave it up to... each individual? The GOP that is supposedly all about personal autonomy and freedom, sure seems to love to control everyone else.

  11. DEVASTATING.... not lol. A debate on who wrote a note on the most chaotic day in American history doesn't shift the needle at all. This is click bate.

  12. This article is so dumb. It's ok to be surprised. In fact, it's important to let yourself feel shocked. If you don't, than in a way you are normalizing this behavior and nothing about it should feel normal.

  13. This headline is so dumb, Elmo (or Sesame Street cast and crew in general) didn't instigate a feud, Ted Cruz just went out of his way to create one.

  14. Ted loves a good culture war. Call his wife ugly? crickets. Say something slightly liberal on a TV show? Ted is PISSED

  15. Imagine being a voter who's priority is not to better your community, or your country, but for your elected official to take on... big sesame street.

  16. Jesus, just leave it alone. Why does everyone on the right insist on us living in their god damn fantasy land? I do not give a shit about your mythical magical man in the sky and what some dusty-ass book says. I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

  17. They will continue to impose their will on the people, and it seems that we are powerless to stop it. Wait until they start regulating sex and birth control.

  18. Needs to be a compromise. Somewhere between 16-20 weeks. 6 weeks is too little time to make such a decision.

  19. Not the first and not the last. They are repeatedly warning "them" to not tamper with witnesses.

  20. Hmmm I wonder if the DOJ will do anything. Merrick, you awake over there? More crimes from Trump World!

  21. She had her own office steps away from the Oval office. They don't hand those out, he most definitely knew her.

  22. If this was Muslim prayer in schools, it would be all out chaos

  23. Why can't there be? According to this ruling, all prayer is welcome. Doesn't specific the religion. Lets get some Satanist prayers up in here. I'm a member of the small religion called CARDI B, and we worship WAP. Let us pray to her for continued moisture before every class and school event.

  24. He still hasn't conceded, and what's worse election deniers are now willing elections and taking important government positions.

  25. Because the crowd wasn't big enough for the toddler's ego, no less.

  26. Is it not anecdotal evidence? I don’t see any data backing up their claim.

  27. This is how apathy sets in unfortunately. Dems really need to change their messaging and actions. People need to see them fighting. They need to change their rhetoric. People here are underestimating how vital this is. Republicans have messaging down to a tee and we need to combat that.

  28. Workers can simply unionize and make this all happen themselves through collective bargaining. That's why Starbucks is fighting it, because they hate their employees having a voice in their own labor.

  29. I mean, they said it was settled precedent... which it was at that time. They were also appointed by a President who explicitly said he would only appoint nominees who promised to overturn that precedent.

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