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  1. Not a movie but a scene from Afterlife, granted I was already emotional from something else

  2. Why couldn't your friend post this themselves?

  3. Tbh I went to like a lesson and I think I asked what government or laws are the ways that as Muslims we should follow (probably restated the question really wrong it was a while back) and then he took a little bit of time to go over Sharia Law and I found it unique and fair. And also the most effective imo

  4. Well shariah is too difficult for a reddit post and comment to cover. Perhaps you can ask a local sheikh for the basics and then research further.

  5. Ah I see, I think another commenter sent a link to an hour+ long video discussing some of the basics of Sharia Law. So far it’s very interesting and I’ve learned something from it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Being perceived as younger than I am because of my behavior (not my appearance - I don't care if I look younger, just if my behavior makes me seem juvenile)

  7. Lol 26, the bare minimum to be considered autistic. Probably nothing tho

  8. I bet that if I would get this power I would probably accidentally step on an ant and become the ant

  9. That’s a very likely factor that now needs to be brought into the equation now that I think about it

  10. I love when he’s invited to Spidey’s b-day with the other villains, and he brings a gift.

  11. 4095 normal dittos and 1 shiny ditto. Each are pretty small, so all can fit in the screen.

  12. Yo that’s awesome! If you find it, can you share it with me too?

  13. For me I feel like being short is a part of my identity/personality and I wouldn’t want to replace that but also TALL. So it’s very split for me.

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