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  1. Could be just a fear period. Don't keep clicking if he's that scared of it. Just give it a break for a month or two and try again then.

  2. He might. But if its due to a fear period, he should go back to not being afraid fairly quickly so long as nothing too traumatizing happened involving said object.

  3. You seem okay. I'll be your third reference.

  4. Ha! Thanks for the offer. I'm happy to report that I got the job!

  5. I hope the ones that you met were nice. I met a breeder once as well that had to with her at a show, they were vicious as f***. And any but I have met since then have also been very aggressive towards people and dogs. I hope I can meet a nice one someday...

  6. Bring lots of treats and a clicker if you have one, and for everyone's safety keep your dog I a short leash and don't let her get close to any other dogs. Be aware of your surroundings and a good rule of thumb is to always keep a reasonable distance from other dogs. If you have to walk past someone in a tight space, keep yourself between your dog and the other.

  7. My standard poodle is not smart. She literally has ADHD and can't focus on ANYTHING for more than 30 seconds. Took me 2 years to teach her how to walk on a leash. She didn't pull...She just wouldn't walk. She would spin, hop, go sideways, backwards, anything except forwards. She also got kicked out of puppy kindergarten and basic obedience 3 times.

  8. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with a ADHD poodle! It's so hard to find reinforcers that work longer than two seconds. I'll let him sniff something if he makes eye contact, but by then he's no longer interested.

  9. Originally that poodle was supposed to be for competition. So much for that. She's 12 now and is finally starting to slow down, but still has the microscopic attention span. She thinks she's still a puppy.

  10. I wouldn't be concerned. I think it's just that he is discovering he can bark and he can communicate with you by doing so. After all, you are responding to what he needs when he barks! I think it's rather smart =)

  11. I know in a legal sense there is no "custody" over a dog. I'm just worried for his situation. he doesn't have vet bills and we found him on craigslist so technically the previous owner owns him since she could not find the papers to give to us for him. He is not microchipped therefore he isn't registered under my name or ex-girlfriend's name. Though I always buy his dog food, treats, I always take him out and spend the most time with him as I am a college student which allows me to be at home more than not. Thanks for the info though

  12. No vet bills? As in, he's never been at all? What about to get a rabies vaccine?

  13. If the goal is just to give him some kind of command aside from sit, you can do any number of things really. Teach him to lean against your leg, do a hand touch, stand between your legs, circle around you.

  14. For the kennel areas where the dogs stay to have individual indoor and outdoor run attached so they can go outside to do their business and come back in freely.

  15. I know of one organization that trains mobility assist dogs and they use greater swiss's. Reasons being, they are willing to work, strong, large, more healthy than BMD's, less coat maintenance, and less goofy but still very friendly and mellow. This is in new england though...

  16. If you don't have anything, you might just be better off not feeding her especially if she generally didn't eat much. She'll be just fine for 24 hours. You could give some carrots, peas, apple, cucumber, wayermelon as snacks but not a meal.

  17. hey again, thanks for the help, just checked the freezer and we have some Fish fingers

  18. I wouldn't give too much, otherwise you might end up with some funky poop. And scrape off as much of the breading as you can.

  19. You should certainly show the owner the bills if you can still get in touch with them. I'm not sure if you can sue in small claims though. Might be able to if you really need the money back.

  20. Here is a similar post from not long ago you can look through

  21. The breeder aside, the most critical thing you can do with a puppy is socialize. You want to make sure new experiences ate always really positive, but there's no such thing as overdoing it with socialization. You have until 3-5 months to cram everything in and then your window of opportunity starts to close.

  22. There's no harm in switching again. I regularly rotate the food I feed and most people, myself included, find their dogs do better on certain foods. You should definitely give each at least a month or 2 before you switch again. And a slow transition over the course of about 2 weeks is key to prevent diarrhea.

  23. Getting health tests done and certified should be #1 for you.

  24. The walkydog works, or you can make something similar yourself. You need a bar that will ensure the dog stays a certain distance from the bike. Ideally that distance is slightly longer than the width of area that your dogs tail can move and double the width of their natural stride. I've known more than one dog that's gotten an instant foot or tail amputation because they got too close to the gears.

  25. I've only had her here for a night. For the past few days shes been at my cousins girlfriend's place. From what I've been from the very little amount of walking shes done, it seems like it's a mix of normal walking and dragging herself around. It's not really walking, it's not really dragging, its hard to describe really. I'll see how she is when she wakes up, that'll probably be the best time to tell whether she is able to properly walk or not.

  26. Could also be really really sick or have some kind of bone deformity. Have any teeth grown in yet?

  27. wow ,thank you for your help. I chose it as my topic since it's common here in Asia. One more thing since dog and cats die from rabies is it possible for stray dog and cat to be not infected since we don't have raccoons and skunks here in Asia

  28. Are you taking any puppy kindergarten classes? Maybe sign up for one and both of you go or have just your husband? Sometimes you need to hear it from someone else.

  29. See how he reacts to just the hose on first without touching him with water first. Then maybe try wetting his feet or tail a little and if it doesn't stress him out, go for it and go slow and stop if you need to. A lot of dogs start to freak a little when you do their head, so maybe skip that even if he's ok with the rest of it.

  30. It's going to more depend on the individual. Talk to each in person or on the phone, if they have a class you can ask to audit, or see what you can find on google about each. Either person could have more or less experience or be 'better' overall. The organization has little to do with it.

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