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  1. Not to split hairs but you mean a reverse Benjamin Button, right?

  2. I promised someone I’d do a selfie once I’ve sold my first gme… could be a while.

  3. With 20 minutes remaining in pre-market, volume (63.36K) is up 125.24% compared to the same time yesterday, and is up 1.98% compared to the same time last Tuesday.

  4. The DOOMPS being gone means Finra is about to report the SI% on Wednesday doesn’t it? Shit will MOASS when retail all finds out the float is 5000% short

  5. Shouldn’t we have hit a gamma ramp with these prices last week? Why didn’t it keep running?

  6. If the price represents years, we’ve just had our revolution. WW2 tomorrow. Intergalactic space travel on Friday.

  7. Asked myself this question yesterday. It's a Stalker run so I really wondered if it was necessary to loot every little trash can and desk for matches and food rolls.. It's worth looting that room though, the ends of the catwalks and behind the stairs can spawn flares and food.

  8. The Jan 3rd protest sounds like a crock of shit! Smells like a set up. Not to mention people have done that in the past with Wall St. and it did absolutely NOTHING! So no, I’m not gonna show up to “protest”, I’m an individual investor. My own single form of protest is DRS. Because fuck this fake, fair & free market!

  9. Forget Left and Right, it's time for Bulbasaur vs Charmander vs Squirtle debate. We Green like Bullbaahh 🐸🌱

  10. Lmfao. Everything is “their last hope” — saying this is bullshit and pure copium.

  11. Ok, I’ll concede that it might not be “their last hope,” but you have to admit it feels like a desperation play and they’re at least running out of options.

  12. I'm a simple man. Job is not done. It needs to be done. So I'll continue doing it.

  13. I didn't have time to make my coffee this morning. Please send help.

  14. That’s non-negotiable. You make the coffee and then just deal with being 5 minutes late.

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