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  1. Welcome, friend! Which gang did you join while on Reddit Jail?

  2. I got the 7 day ban for breaching hate speech so I stood on the corner of brave and stunning street, then everyone clapped

  3. I own the WH1000XM3 and there's no difference in audio when I tested the XM5. What a shame.

  4. Think of it like Power Rangers - the actors on screen are NOT the actors in the suit :) It's part of the charm.

  5. Rights are only read to someone on TV or in a Movie - legally, police do NOT have to read your rights to you.

  6. They do before you are seriously questioned by a detective. A uniformed officer on the scene is not really qualified yet to interrogate suspects. Their job is to secure the scene and call in appropriate assets, to evaluate what’s going on and intervene if crime is ongoing.

  7. I still can't believe Drea de Matteo never got nude/topless in her career - especially in this show. Now she's 50 and the cobwebs have still not been removed

  8. I bet if he was carrying a knife instead of a phone in Britain he would have received a knighthood

  9. Look at this mess !! Whatchu gonna do? You gonna whip out your tits and you SUCK IT !!!!

  10. It's a game that's 15 years old - not a very good one. It's not going to be easy to find seeders for something like this. Might just be better off buying it on steam. Good luck pirate. 👍

  11. Having that ogre looking chick with the forrest whittaker lazy eye on the next cover of FIFA is a really stupid idea

  12. Because he watched The Arrival and figured that backwards knees are what you kneed to do

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