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  1. I'm cheap. Been OE for a month and got myself a $30 watch on Amazon and that's it. I have a 2010 SUV with 182k miles and a 2009 sedan with 214k miles. No car payments. No credit card debt. Just student loans and mortgage.

  2. I voted to quit mainly because lingering around, not doing anything productive for a company and waiting for them to fire you is a dirtbag move.

  3. I personally follow the "Don't be a dirtbag" approach. Very thankful to have OE as an option and don't abuse it. Use that however it fits in your particular situation

  4. Why would a Microsoft device be present at a Google event? If any devices are shown, they would be from Google........

  5. Why do all that work if you're going to trade it in? I would suggest saving the money from all the service and use it towards the down payment instead

  6. I've always played in minimum-settings on all games because I've never had a high-end pc, planning to finally get a solid laptop but I'm on a tight barely out of 1k budget but honestly this looks like a real good price for what it has, but then again I'm not sure about how actually good the specs are, is it worth it for me to stretch my budget and try for this one or should I keep searching?

  7. This laptop has more than enough power to play almost everything on med-high settings.

  8. Jim Adler makes everything I think about Texas become absolutely fact the minute I hear him.

  9. HEB is not making record profits. The meat packers definitely are.

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