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  1. My grandmothers were polar opposites when it came to cooking. My maternal grandmother was a fantastic cook and baker - her tiny, cozy kitchen was forever warm and sweet-smelling and filled with pans of freshly-baked pastries and breads. Pots of the most luscious stews (that lovely, gentle 'lup-lup' sound as they bubbled away). A thin layer of flour on every horizontal surface. And butter! Ohhh, the butter. Grandma always loved to tell us how much butter she'd used to make that year's batch of Christmas cookies. Her record is 22 pounds ("One pound for every grandchild!").

  2. These morons are no better than those television evangelist fuckers. Slimy grifters preying on the feeble-minded.

  3. anyone wanna help me pin BLM and pride flags up all over the city

  4. I get weak in the knees around cheese too.

  5. Imagine innocently plowing somebody else’s wife in the throes of an orgy and some big, reddened menace growls in your ear “faster you globalist lizard”

  6. I realize it isn’t a book, but if you like cozy murder mysteries in large, old, ornate buildings, you should check out Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. It’s great.

  7. This sounds amazing. Definitely want to try it. Did you use fresh or canned blueberries for the recipe?

  8. Rare was there a day in Grandma's kitchen without a baked treat cooling on the counter, and this one ranks among my Top 5.

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