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  2. Submission Statement: I believe there is a link yet to be discovered between China and 9/11.

  3. I was hoping to hear what others think because I'm clueless to the links since there isn't much information on Google about China 9/11 conspiracies.

  4. If you didn't believe the Apollo missions really landed people on the Moon, then get this; in 2025 we are sending the first woman to the Moon.

  5. No, I don't think something having happened in Moscow Idaho has anything to do with the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

  6. So why was Bush Jr in Sarasota for 9/11 reading to grade schoolers when Sarasota was also the same location where the 9/11 pilots learned to fly planes? Also his father is oil royalty who ran the CIA prior to becoming President.

  7. This is interesting and seems plausible! I doubt it’s weaponry though, and this seems to have been the only time an incident like this has happened so far, despite the many uncontrolled Chinese spacecraft re-entrys that have happened in the past.

  8. What survives reentry at 25k mph definitely interests military researchers.

  9. Large objects from recent CNSA launches have fallen off the coasts of Mauritania, Maldives, and the Philippines.

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