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  1. I agree. I'm starting to find that I prefer HOI3 over HOI4. The only thing HOI4 has going for it is its active modding community.

  2. I agree. You can get the AI to automatically assign divisions to certain areas using HQ units however which can serve as a substitute for front lines.

  3. In HOI3 it's Hungary, it has decent army but not too big so i don't have to micro 120 different units

  4. Yeah, kinda regret that i started to play on playstation, but now I have spend money on that and I have one high level crew and jets too so I'm not going to switch anymore

  5. Can't you unlink your PS account from Gajin and continue as a sole PC account? You wouldn't be able to continue on PS and PC simultaneously (as they'd be seperate accounts). They'd essentially duplicate your account and seperate PC from PS entirely, if I understood the unlinking right.

  6. Yeah, i could but I'm too scared to do it, i fear that i mess it up and can't use that account on PC anymore

  7. Grind Sweden instead and se show your wallet cries in poor (somebody help me, i dont have any money)

  8. Fokker is better tbh (in AAB at least), it's more maneuverable and its two 20mms work amazingly well.

  9. But mörkö moraine can shred almost anything that it shoots at and dear God when you go against biplanes, poor things don't stand a chance

  10. Yeah, and child support if you don't contribute to the parenting.

  11. Are you sure? I feel like having a bunch of puppets helps serve as impenetrable borders Allies can’t attack me through

  12. Well puppets can help to reduce the borders and act as buffer and reduce the garrisons too, usually i like to just annex

  13. I just wish that raw sharks and raw swordfish would rise up, i like fishing but it's just not really that profitable

  14. Tässä kyllä homma kääntyisi plussan puolelle, jos alettaisiin leikkaamaan esim yleltä, tästä ilmastonmuutos hommasta, vähennettäis tai lopetetaan sen rahan antaminen toisille maille ja verot korkeammalle niille jotka tienaa enemmän. Olisi varmaan ihan hyvä startti aineski.

  15. Honestly the campaign is ass. After 300 hours of playing i still have not finished it because it's just not enjoyable. It's all for the multiplayer.

  16. Forced myself to do the campaign just to get the guns and then i never even used the p90

  17. And when I drop healthpacks for my teammates, they just run away...

  18. What the point of the Winter war ? The only thing it is going to do is be a Moscow copy with even less gear variety and a player base split , i swear every time someone suggest Winter war i just roll my eyes. The current campaign structure can barley be supported by the player base why tf would you add more ? Especially when there still tons of thing to improve about the old one

  19. It's really not, they have written the code needed time and time again, they know how to do it, the modding community does as well. The difference is that Paradox just won't do it

  20. Because if they just add everything now then they can't make anymore overpriced DLCs

  21. I kinda get your point. But the thing is, I use exactly 1 tank template and 1 spg template for the entire game so for me it's just ~20 seconds of clicking a few buttons and I'm good to go for every game. I never even switch from 1936 chassis because of cost-effectiveness lol. I do think they should allow you to save designs between games though.

  22. For air superiority, get 4x heavy machine guns and get two of those, then just best engine, and if you can then get self sealing fuel tank and maybe take armor plates.

  23. You're lucky, lol. The game has become so unplayable with NSB and BBA.

  24. It really hasn't, and isn't plane designer what ppl wanted? Sure they messed up Italy a little bit

  25. Take few divisions from the Frontline, so that the AI keeps attacking you and then just bleed them out

  26. Not OP, but I've been wondering how to invade Brazil. I tried once as Germany, but got stuck in the Amazon. How do you deal with jungles?

  27. Just build supply hubs, that's really it, or use logistic company

  28. jos -10 asteen pakkanen on nyt ongelma meille niin eipä suomella ole enää tulevaisuutta

  29. Bro knew how to download Anime No Sekai Mod but didn't know what Convoys we're ☠️☠️☠️☠️

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