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  1. If you’re gonna ruin something, go all in.

  2. Gone south season one and season two are solid.

  3. I almost paid $80 for a bottle of eagle rare the other day but I went for the EH Taylor small batch. I know I over paid but it’s honestly really good and I haven’t seen it after months of looking so I don’t feel bad.

  4. After managing to get a couple of bottles of EH single barrel it was hard to go back to the small batch.

  5. Depending on where you live in Florida it is collecting dust on shelves in Georgia.

  6. I really enjoyed this years. Tried it at a bar in Charleston first. Was able to find it w couple of weeks ago.

  7. Unpopular comment, I would buy all of those. At that price too.

  8. I wonder why these liquor stores did to rip people off before the internet

  9. Nice, I found a bottle near me for $799…it’s still available

  10. I know of one for $900. I like to just go look at it sometimes.

  11. Someone is trying to sell it to me. Just don’t know what a fair price is.

  12. Your going to get ripped for not having already opened every bottle and drank half of it.

  13. I know a guy holding a couple of bottles of that KC in eustis florida. Has them around $150

  14. Can never go wrong with vices. Alcohol, Tobacco, etc….

  15. Man, seems everyone is finding the MWND. Where are you located?

  16. While I agree, look up average pay in the 70’s compared to today.

  17. Have not been able to find it in Florida.

  18. Harry’s is a rip off. Had a weller 12 for $500. I own a lake house near there.

  19. I enjoy an old fashion made from HW Campfire.

  20. Had a pour of Elmer T. Lee myself last night!

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