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  1. I really want to see Elon call the bluff. Not because of some dumb blind loyalty to Twitter or Musk or anything, but because I want to see what happens when the EU convinces itself that it can force a popular social media platform to go dark because they won't bend the knee.

  2. If the EU can make universal USB connection law they can do it with twitter

  3. Twitter doesn't sell a physical product, nor do they (for now) charge their users. There's nothing to seize or halt financially.

  4. If the EU mark it as non compliant then advertisement in the EU won't happen on twitter anymore. At that point it will be a net loss for twitter to be operational in Europe.

  5. My disdain for conservatives has grown so incredibly acceptable since like the last month.

  6. It's cringe as fuck to make a kids movie and pay any attention to the sexuality, it's cringe as fuck to be announcing that "hey we made a movie with this sexuality or this part of lgbt" just have it be a part of the movie

  7. Well id like to see the outrage by Conservatives around cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty etc because it involves a part of someone's sexuality

  8. But the thing is that's already normalized and was never seen as a 'major point'. The right sees a disney princesses sexuality announced in the headline no shit they'll see it as pushing an agenda onto kids. If these movies keep being made and the princess or whoever just is gay etc. it'll become normalized. Obviously some of these people are ideologically opposed to the existence of gays or trans people due to religion or something else, but I don't think anyone wants to have their kid think about their sexuality excessively before they even start dating.

  9. Ok so let's just normalise two prince's marrying instead of a Prince and a princess. Or a trans Prince charming There is no difference between the amount of sexualisation between that and the normal fairy tail

  10. Transphobia is nothing but a dog whistle.

  11. Runs for a far right British party and says he is a centerist lol

  12. It's not whataboutism, he's pointing out hypocrisy.


  14. Talking about gays as much ws you do it sounds like the fat throbbing cock is something you want!

  15. This is a bit different because he's not directly calling for violence, he's saying other people are doing that. You probably need to find something more explicit to have a slam dunk argument.

  16. how are the right wingers in this thread this dumb lmfao, destiny needs to have a conservative purge or something

  17. Yea These are the people calling left wing people calling for violence every day during the protests but as soon as a right wing person does it suddenly its not calling for violence

  18. Sick and tired of the politics. Who is the west to preach at everyone? Have you seen central london the amout of crime and homelesness?

  19. "Im sick and tired of politics. Lets just keep having migrant workers die and gay people thrown in jail"

  20. Wasn't the original reason he was banned for doing a joke bomb threat? Thats a whole deal more than just misinfo

  21. I thought he said it was hate speech because he made fun of how diverse white nationalists are.

  22. tbf Subs are usually ran by unemployed neets who are on reddit all day. I wouldn't hold them as the pinnacle of moderation

  23. He lost because he got alot less seats than the other party. And it happened twice

  24. Kratos assists the Army of God during revelations, and kills Satan

  25. Maybe Lauren has a point. We shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss some of the old science. Let’s bring back the lobotomy.

  26. I’ve been waiting for destiny to cover the midterms for weeks lmao, i think ill stop checking in on his streams bc i really dont care about his personal problems especially during the midterms lol

  27. Maybe lava will talk with destiny about the midterms later copium

  28. The labour government has a policy but because one idiot in the party disagrees that means the whole party is bad?? That makes no sense?

  29. Lying again. Other people have stood in picket lines and not been

  30. He abandoned the Philippines during 2016 when China was testing its mettle which led to us sucking cock for a decade because the US didn't feel reliable. During 2016 he defined the definition of the mutual defense treaty as attacks on undisputed filipino territory IE land. And So began a decade where harassments over EEZ began

  31. Obama was far too soft on China and China's neighbours are the ones to suffer

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