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  1. As a manga only reader, I've been following the anime weekly since Onigashima and I'm loving the expanded fights, it is something I thought the manga lacked.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Felt like a completely different show and it was honestly just so fucking weird. Like it felt like the writer just started going off topic and then turned it into a whole season. Show went from 2 kids going on super cool adventures to a child becoming a city with deformed humans who ate her children living inside. Just like … what the hell man? Hope it gets back to the actual adventure of exploring the abyss next season (haven’t read the manga) but damn, truly no idea how to feel about what I just watched. It wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t the same show and so many times while watching it I was just thinking to myself why the hell is this happening lol

  3. Actually I'm paying my monthly fee with gold. With WQ's and some extra missions you can get the gold. I think is not expensive.

  4. Alright yeah figured that, thank you. Any idea why I’m fighting hellhounds but in recent videos I watch it’s earthbores?

  5. I just changed my camera settings to never adjust camera. Is there a button I can click that auto centers it after I move it ?

  6. Yeah my first fight with a cobalt lavaback and did not get one knockdown. I’m feeling light it’s more useful for monsters that are usually on all fours so I’ll have to try it later today

  7. Using a hammer vs a cobalt lava back is a hefty task. Props to you for pulling that off. I can’t fight those annoying fucks with anything but a bow

  8. Only weapon I really haven’t tried at all. This video makes me want to now though lol. The parry window just seems so tight. I’m a huge bow guy

  9. Part breaks were pretty clear for the most part tho i dont know if you can sewer the tail of Rage Tail or not. I did break a chunk off tho. Also not sure if the rage tails head broke either because i coudnt tell the difference if it did.

  10. If you go into the cyclopedia page it shows all the parts of each Kemono that you can break off. Ragetail plum (it’s tail) is one of them

  11. The drop rate is not random so you should be getting them if you hunt enough of them, but the tail is fairly easy to break off if you just focus it so that is the best way to do it. If you really have trouble with it, use the crossbow or harpoon to do so because they can break parts but they can't actually kill a kemono.

  12. Best weapon to break it off with? I wasn’t having much success until I switched with katana and started breaking it every few hunts. Even with focusing every single attaxk on the tail it somehow wouldn’t break every time. Possibly due to playing online and killing it too quick with others helping tho

  13. Breaking it off every time it just gives me thorns

  14. If you’re breaking the tail off and it’s not giving it to you that’s a glitch. You’re supposed to go up and collect any time you break a part, never heard of breaking one and not getting it

  15. Essentially I’m asking is elemental damage that much better then raw damage if a monster is weak to it?

  16. That im not sure about. But your complaint was having to spend the crazy amount of time farming to make multiple weapons. Which then I responded that you dont need to do that, you simply take the 15-30 seconds to repsec a weapon vs farming all the stuff to make a second.

  17. Absolutely no reason. Why waste space in your inventory for something that has a lower stat than what you wear? Sell it

  18. Difficulty does not affect drop rates.

  19. If the reviewers example IGN do this, the score will go up to 8/10. Problem is all reviewers don't have time to do this for most games. Therefore their words can only be a grain of salts. They only know how to go from point A to point B and rush thru the story.

  20. I'm like 20+ hours into the game lol. The biomes in the game all makes sense. There doesn't need to be a snow biome as I'm assuming that's the real reason that you're complaining. Skyrim only has a few biomes and it's open world was praised. The same for Breath of the Wild. You're just holding onto unrealistically standards and over-exaggerating.

  21. I know you people who are obsessed with this insanely mediocre game are in complete denial over the factual criticisms being dished out but this game is in fact worth no more then 40$ with it’s ridiculously generic story, brutally annoying cutscenes/writing/acting, insanely bland open world and The main character basically being created for the player to absolutely despise for the entirety of the game

  22. Or you know... they happen to disagree and feel that the criticisms are overblown.

  23. I’m not talking about the people flat out hating the game I’m talking about the reviews that mention both the positives and many negatives, which there are

  24. 7.5/8 def isnt bad. But this game is at best a 6/10 and that’s hovering on the edge of average and bad

  25. Lol you get downvoted but this is so true. This game is not qorth 80 euros thats the main problem.

  26. Yeah the people that love this mediocre game (no problem with loving it) refuse to accept it is in fact a mediocre game not worth 70$

  27. I think if the price was dropped to around 40$ (because that’s at most what it’s worth) there wouldn’t be nearly as much hate

  28. I feel this so hard. I am on my way to Water Tanta. Lvl 68 with 2500+ mana.

  29. I’ve found the puzzle chests tend to be somewhat easy, so I don’t spend mana on them. For most of them, if you move more than 2-3 times, you’ve already messed it up. I think the majority of ones I’ve had so far are around 2 moves max.

  30. Yeah I don’t get spending mana on the chests when each one unlocks in 2 moves lol

  31. Damn really ! That makes me sad elden Ring is my goat game but it definitely ain’t for everyone. As for forspoken, the reviews are definitely justified but I do agree there should be some reviews that focus on the good in the game because there is good. and by good j mean the magic combat system (which I think is absolutely spectacular) because for me it’s the only thing making this game a 6–7/10 and not a 3

  32. Yea I just didnt care about the world or lore at all. I've also never been a huge fan of souls type combat, I prefer the flashy combos of DMC and bayonetta.

  33. Such good skills. Not only are they super useful in fights but the transition to the other school of magic is so awesome. The one for the fire school (drag and drop?) makes it so much easier to take down the flying enemies

  34. I noticed that most Taiwanese and Japanese didn't complain about the cringy dialogue ( even in the demo ) , maybe it is has something to do with the localization? They like the banter between Frey and Cuff. I am a Chinese that live in Asia, I too doesn't feel the cringe in the dialogue even in English.

  35. Ya that dude def a racist. People calling the game Pc or woke because Frey isn’t white is surely a racist pov.

  36. I fully agree. If this game was $40 (because that’s at MOST what it’s worth) I don’t think there would be nearly as much hate. Game definitely has its faults and does not feel like a next gen rpg AAA game at all but if it was accurately priced I think it would change a lot

  37. Just exploring the map should get you a lot of mana. It’s quite literally everywhere. Haven’t had a problem or needed to farm it for spells yet I’ve just acquired it by free roaming the map and leveling up

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