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  1. If you cut the supply of something in half the market price will increase. Supply/demand.

  2. That’s assuming demand remains constant, or will increase.

  3. It’s not a demand halving its a supply halving so ya I’m assuming it will.

  4. Sure. But there’s other stuff happening too tho, other than the halving, that’s gonna affect people’s ability to buy bitcoin. For example, the recent shut down of Australian dollar withdrawals/deposits for Binance customers. Seems like instability due to regulatory risk shouldn’t be discounted…. as it could affect demand.

  5. So distrusting banks is old as time. In the Middle Ages the Catholic Church outlawed usury (charging interest on loans). But there’s no reason why anyone would want to loan another person money with no benefit, right? So a lot of people outside the church community (like Jewish people) took up banking. Prevalent antisemitism led people to associate banking with “evil”. Part of this anti-banking sentiment still survives today.

  6. The money was already promised tho :/ if you wanna get mad do that when they decide on the national budget

  7. Well I mean, I’ve been on this site for about 7 or so years and I’ve yet to make a Reddit friend. I think Reddit is just too low rent for genuine connections. That’s just my opinion tho.

  8. Their faith in the halving cycle is unshakable, there’s no evidence I could conjure that would convince them otherwise. That’s dangerous! Good decision-making comes admitting the possibility you could be wrong…

  9. If I’m reading the Fed’s responses correctly, she’s wrong when she says that “the Fed is trying to kill stablecoins”. This demonstrates her fundamental lack of understanding.

  10. I can't wait to do a funny reel from the convention this year.

  11. Thank u for sustaining my addiction to cringe! This is dat good shit.

  12. A big one for me was that you shouldn’t be afraid to fail. Most of the end quest bosses are really hard for someone that hasn’t done them before. The important thing is to keep trying :0)

  13. I think it’s fair to say it is unclear what tokens are securities or not.

  14. I don’t really think it’s unclear. Sure, the layperson is most likely unaware of the Howey test. But a lot of the coins were marketed to investors using securities language. Advertising the capabilities of the dev team. Promising minimum APY rates. Using tokens as a vehicle for voting. Just because you call the tokens coins doesn’t mean they are now not securities. Part of conducting business responsibility is being aware of laws… or at least having the wherewithal to hire someone that is.

  15. Hey buddy I know you’re very lost! But don’t release your dildocoin as an ICO! …unless you filed it with the SEC? 😆

  16. You’d have to drag me in kicking and screaming if you’d ever want me to set foot in a commercial kitchen again. No wage is high enough for that.

  17. I don't understand the down-votes. That's a fair question.

  18. I’m convinced that there’s no real “bad” time to look for an internship, you just gotta find the right one for you & not be a dud about it. There were a couple sophomores at my last internship actually!

  19. It’s good for a laugh and tbh I like arguing. I’d go on the bitcoin sub but they’d ban me faster than I could type out “few”. :0)

  20. Yeah just change the numbers on the side scale so that the price action still kinda matches the rainbow chart! Great idea!

  21. We got a guy here named “Eckard” and my brain just translates that into an Amish dude in a suit. No farm income for him tho! Maybe he sold it prior year…

  22. For bitcoins, you don’t need to hold the miners accountable as they are free to operate — they can turn on and off anytime they like and most of them are currently in the U.S. actually. As long as the incentive works, there will always be someone mining. The ledger itself is on the bitcoin node and pretty much anyone can run bitcoin node and see the public ledger — there are more than 50k node operators around the world.

  23. But isn’t that a potential risk tho? Because mining rewards are going down. If the cost of energy is too high ( a real possibility ) then miners would stop mining….

  24. If the cost of energy goes too high, yes some of the miners will shut down. But there is this thing called "Difficult Adjustment" that will kick in and will make the mining a little easier (it's adjusted every two weeks), it's a novelty that helps keep the equilibrium -- worth checking if you haven't heard about it before.

  25. Well as to the difficulty adjustment, I’ll give you that I didn’t know about that. In an accountant not a coder so I can’t comment on tech efficiency or coding stuff.

  26. I wanted taming but would have rather had shamanism, than sailing. I swear to god I will pay for members on 1000 accounts and vote no if it has any chance at making sailing not go through.

  27. Pretty much just going to vote no on every sailing poll unless they can convince me somehow that sailing isn’t a stupid meme skill. And if it passes development then I’ll never train it, no matter how many cool content and quests they lock behind it.

  28. Well it’s hardcore libertarian zealotry made into a shitty monetary system. So not only do I think it’s stupid, I’m fundamentally opposed to it from a moral standpoint. It goes in the same folder as other wacky libertarian things like making a religion to avoid paying taxes, living on boats, and worshiping the gold standard. If you could decouple it from that, and if it actually solved a problem, then I would respect it more. Even then, I’d have to decide that it was a good financial choice for my personal situation.

  29. Well I mean you could give up. But this isn’t about accounting it’s about you not coping with rejection. Oh and I get that, rejection hurts! When I’m hurt I blame myself. Everything is my fault. The problem might not be like, some fundamental failing you have such as… your gpa is low, or something’s wrong with you. Your methodology might just fucking suck.

  30. I remember thinking how weird it was that I would interview for a job that started around a year in advance. But that’s the standard kinda, cuz if management needs 5 or whatever interns then they don’t wanna scramble last minute y know?

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