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We’re Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult, costars of the upcoming film RENFIELD, here to answer all your questions about bugs, bad bosses, and everything in between. AMA!

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  1. Not even going to join the discord if I don’t want to. Nope. My brain can’t make me. So there.

  2. More like skeleton crew developing it, game is so barebones and boring I would advise to wait a few years for the next recode. Maybe next decade is where they start cooking

  3. Well finding something fun is subjective. I find it fun. You don’t. That doesn’t mean everyone else won’t.

  4. This is glorious. I’d be happy to learn the black speech to use it.

  5. There’s a strong overlap of aggressive Croc players and people who don’t know how to play Croc. Funny AF.

  6. Sometimes I'll go watch drama at water sources or fish at night. The only dinos I'll even consider going out of my way to hunt are Hypsis. For reasons I can't explain, I find it amusing to broadcast call a few times when the sun rises. Praise the sun!

  7. Going to start praising the sun now when playing Petra. Only if I could be so grossly incandescent.

  8. Four playstyles come to mind I enjoy, in no particular order:

  9. I feel your number 2. I’m often an omi sitting on raptor rocks and have had a few different occasions of Petra’s dropping fish for me.

  10. And I want to add on that it's not multiplayer like Skyrim's various attempts at multiplayer. Sshit works flawlessly.

  11. Random question but do you know if it includes controller support?

  12. You're the reason the game is dying, go hunt something that requires some risk and skill you filthy pleb

  13. Thanks for catching the less then 10% health. Like this was risky as shit. I thought I was gonna lose. I surprised myself with my bush dash Stam gather. This game can be dope of you don't get so attached to ur deinos.

  14. You shocked me with the bush stam regen but it probably saved your life lol.

  15. I haven’t played in years but my scariest moment in gaming was playing oblivion. I remember exactly where it was too.

  16. Expect England are going to vote in Tory red, who's leader has already acknowledged that they will continue to privatise the NHS.

  17. Exactly. It’s a 2 party system. “Democracy” things will never change for the better unless people act a bit more French.

  18. A lot of people said it would be hard to make. And the devs are admitting that.

  19. First thing to sort out is are you playing Legacy or evrima. My guess is as you’ve just started playing; you’re on legacy and getting Evrima maps.

  20. You’ve had some good advice here so I’ll just reiterate foot of Gork. Or “foot down time”

  21. Mustelid is the golden ticket for me. So jelly. Keep us posted.

  22. Don’t go to number 1. That’s it just don’t go there.

  23. Playing gator not fully grown and see another big gator = run

  24. +always keep full stam so you can run away. If someone comes towards you attack first

  25. go-motion is when you use computers to enhance stop-motion, whereas stop-motion is the opposite

  26. Because they're hard as fuck to kill in real life. They're smart, stocky herd omnivores that are like walking trash compactors. They have thick hide and a thicker layer of fat. You can shoot them with a gun several times and not kill them and I've seen some survive an almost point blank explosion (That one with tannerite or thermite at a salt lick I think it was, I'm not certain it's been years).

  27. Scientifically accurate boars. Apart from making me bleed by attacking me with their asses.

  28. A bit of Ray Harryhausen fun. The cyclops from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (From the Harryhausen collection). The attackers are custom from Hero Forge done to have an “Arabian Sailor” flair to them (at least according to Hollywood’s version of such a thing). The fire is a freebie from cult 3D. The rock in the back is sculpted foam. This one was a lot of fun to put together. I haven’t done a diorama in years, but this is a scene I’ve always had in my head (probably says something about me!)

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