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  1. Georgia was a really cool rival. Would be cool to see Iris rooting for Ash to beat her.

  2. What young Pinsir are you a fan of? That's a weird name. Is there any young Pinsir in the anime or is it just a name that's made to be the opposite of old ass Scyther fan's? There's so many fans on the sub like biggest Kalos.

  3. Jimmy's typhlosion is the GOAT. The only typhlosion to get focus in the anime smh, meanwhile, there's been a million quilavas. I wish he fought Ash in the league. Replace Macy with Jimmy & have Squirtle beat typhlosion instead of Macy's quilava. Bulb beats meganium, squirt beats typhlosion.

  4. I think it's weird that they didn't make Ash fight Jimmy but instead he fights Jackson.


  6. This is so amazing. I was halfway through the video but got distracted by someone coming into my house. I feel so calm right now. Thank you. I'll probably buy the journal. I'm hoping to become my higher self like the video states.

  7. I had a really hard time understanding what talking to our inner child could look like until I came across Patrick Teahan youtube videos about it. He's a licenced therapist specialised in childhood trauma. I mention him a lot, but I think he's competant and genuine, and his videos are good and helpful.

  8. Wow! Thanks a lot. I know this is gonna be really helpful for me. Was hoping I could come up with some ideas this morning, but now I have a bunch of info to work with. Thanks again.

  9. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of social skills in the last few years. People will approach me in a totally normal way and I just go into freeze mode. I even have some sort of audio processing issue becauseI often end up having to ask people to repeat stuff like 3 times. It’s like I can hear the words but can’t process how to respond to them. I’ve also realized that I actually am incredibly extroverted, and I wonder how much of my current mental health stuff comes from not having enough social contact. It’s not even about having friends (I have some good friends), but having small interactions all throughout the day and with all different people.

  10. I wonder if there's a term for the audioprocedsing issue. Thanks for bringing it up because K have been through that but thought that maybe I just wasn't focused enough. I wonder what caused that?

  11. Nope, empathy is correlated with self awareness, I can assure you people who aren’t in touch with their empath side are always struggling emotionally with no way of overcoming it.

  12. This is true. I agree. I need to remember that. It's very important information for me right now based on something very importantbthat I'm writing.

  13. Because the mental health industry & health care industry in general is in it for the money. We are just walking money bags for to them. There are some good therapists but the industry itself is designed for profit > human benefit.

  14. Well just so you know slavery is not just a white/black history. It's been in multiple civilizations throughout history. Human history is not a very pleasant one

  15. Yeah, sure, I know that. Whipping a kid doesn't mean that it has to stem from slavery in their countries history. As you said, things aren't black & white. Slavery isn't the only instance where people were whipped, not does any instances of whipping have to originate from it.

  16. I think that it’s more the mentality of perceiving human beings, as property, rather than people. So I think that’s what folks are getting at when they mention slavery.

  17. Oh, okay, that makes sense. Once a human feels as if they own another human being (child, slave, worker, etc), they think they have the right to do things like this. I still think it's more complex than just slavery, though. It's more of a power thing that comes naturally to some people, unfortunately.

  18. I tried it but the master ended up being a narcissist. He wouldn’t be quiet during the practice. All I heard for the 6 months I did it was how amazing he is and how he’s one of the few tai chi masters trained in Asia blah blah. Narcissists are triggering for me and i wasn’t getting any benefits due to his incessant talking. So I started doing tai chi on YouTube and now that really helped. It was calming and soothing for my nervous system for at least an hour after doing it.

  19. Ugh, that's really annoying. Gonna check out some Tai chi videos on YouTube then. Maybe find a series.

  20. Not the body, but the brain physically changed (well technically the brain is the body) & adapted to the situation. Then, the body reacts to whatever the brain does. The brain is physically programmed to react as if it's in traumatic situations. It's not dwelling. It's a complete, physical transformation of the brain, conscious, and subconscious that needs to be undone. In many instances, trauma needs to be confronted so that people can realize how it affected them & what they need to do to change it. You have to learn to deal with these situations without fear. Without an emotional response. Then you work to undo the damages.

  21. The best thing for you to do is go to a mental health institution & tell them your problems. They can help you. They can get you meds to calm you down and therapy. I wish you all the best. If you want someone to talk to DM me. Many of us on this sub are willing to listen. You're not alone.

  22. Can I recommend Patrick Teahan on YouTube. He is a licenced therapist. And he has helped me a lot with learning how to connect and re-parent my inner child.

  23. Yes I have social anxiety although it's not always severe, it can feel overwhelming to be around people or interact people, when it happens I feel timid and I just want to hide.

  24. i feel this so so so much. a couple weekends ago, my boyfriend and i went to whole foods and i was beaming the whole time. i didn’t grow up near a whole foods and i doubt my family and i would’ve been able to afford it anyway. but something abt sleeping in, waking up to a sunny day, and going to a grocery store with my man felt perfect. it was like i didn’t even have that mental breakdown that previous wednesday 💀

  25. I relate. I had a day like that recently. I absolutely love having a good sleep and going out to do something simple like grocery shopping or walking in the park. I hope to someday fo this often & with a significant other too!

  26. For me this is the thing i'm most proud of bc it took the most courage. The one thing i feared more than anything else was being "caught" trying to be happy. I'd sneak happy like a cookie stolen from a jar, hurriedly had anxiously in private and this persisted so so long. i had this all consuming terror of being observed when i was happy. Nothing felt more vulnerable and terrifying. I'd feel so clownish and absurd if anyone saw me happy. I'd cover my mouth when i laughed, oh i could just squish the bejebus outta young me heck... most of my life me! Finally i realized that i had to be brave. That i had to be honest and the honest truth was? Alllll i wanted out of life was to be happy.

  27. I relate to this so much it hurts. We're both deeply broken, but we are trying our best to repair the damages.

  28. Existence can be a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how you see it. What you make of it.

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