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  1. If you're staying in Bowmore, swing by the Bowmore hotel one evening, and give Peter my best. If there's an Islay whiskey you want, it's there.

  2. Where do you find him when he goes back down? I’m in the temple now and had no idea he was supposed to come with me. I guess I need to go back and find him in that dumb cave.

  3. He’s just down from the lower shrine on the chain of sky islands. I did the exact same thing.

  4. So do I basically need to climb it all over again with him? I spent like two hours getting up there the first time.

  5. Sorry, but yeah… his gust power makes it a little easier, but you can’t help but think a little game design could have gone a long way here.

  6. Fusion #4 is the rare batch of bourbon that I’ve bought twice. I’m trying to hide it from myself to make it last!

  7. Love the fight I’m seeing now… IF the pitching holds, this’ll be a fun 2 (or 3) seed in a regional.

  8. Their 40 Pound Brown is a rare beer that I would drink multiple pints of in one sitting.

  9. Congrats, Arky… you win… LSU tomorrow with a depleted bullpen. GG piggy.

  10. Not really depleted. Still have 2 weekend starters closer and a couple other dudes

  11. Bro, just give us a silver lining… Hope you take one vs. the Tigers.

  12. I scrolled far enough without seeing Heavyweights to say… Heavyweights.

  13. I pocket vetoed a relationship once in college: we went out a few times at the end of the semester, and I neither decided to end or continue the relationship before school was out of session.

  14. Following up… noticed some female flowers now!

  15. Same here… I believe I read somewhere that they start with male flowers to train the pollinators to come there before putting out the female flowers. We’ll see!

  16. Do you mind sharing how much logistics cost overall? Just want to get a sense for when I go back.

  17. Depends on where you’re coming from. There are a few questions you have to answer: How do you want to get to Islay? You can fly in from Glasgow, or take a bus to the ferry, or rent a car to the ferry. How do you want to get around Islay? If you have a DD & a rented car, you’re set; otherwise, you have to hire a taxi, which can be well over £100/day. Your logistics costs can vary greatly depending on your answers to those questions, where you stay, etc. Cheapest route would be to take the bus to the ferry, stay in Port Ellen, walk to Lagavulin, Laphroaig, & Ardbeg, taxi the rest.

  18. Thanks very much. Have you met anyone who’s tried biking the distilleries?

  19. I haven’t; I didn’t see anyone biking, but that was probably because it was snowing.

  20. Day 1 was undoubtedly the hardest ride of my life. I’ve never hit every rest stop on a MS150 ride, but rest stops were mandatory that day. Even the downhills were uphill. I’ve also never had the last 5 miles be my fastest miles of the day!

  21. By the way, the R fell off, and now all it says is K Uger.

  22. That’s why Frank calls him “Kuger”, right?

  23. A 5-year old 120 stands in my memory as the beer that made all the years of learning how to appreciate craft beer worth it. Enjoy!

  24. Idaho is a myth. If you drive east from Seattle, you end up straight in Montana. The potatoes are coming from somewhere else.

  25. Hit up 4 Roses Bottling facility when they open (9 am) if you’re interested in a SiB from them. That’s on the way to Bardstown, but you can backtrack a little bit to Beam & drink some Booker’s. Head into Bardstown Bourbon for a tasting, then go to Willett for your lunch reservations. (You made reservations, right?) Wipe off the egg salad & rye sweats & make it to HH with time to spare.

  26. Single Barrel (to differentiate the abbreviation from Small Batch)

  27. Skjold Drakkar Cathedral, handmade by Pete Skjold in Ohio.

  28. Gorgeous! I'd even drink a bottle of GB to get my hands on it!

  29. The body is chambered in large honeycomb sections. Coupled with the single cut body the sustain is out of this world. The pickup is a single humbucker, custom wound by Pete. In addition, each string in the bridge has its own piezo wired to it. There is a blend knob for the pickups. The fingerboard is ebony with a unique streak of white ebony running through it. This bass is so well made it almost plays itself.

  30. This description made me drool more than the bourbon review. Never heard of Skjold; and I’m glad to have learned about his work!

  31. I picked this one up at the last month; it was the best of the tasting, IMO. Great to see it getting more love!

  32. I’m currently a Trustee at my non-reformed church. I have a great relationship with the Senior Pastor, and so far, my perspective has been appreciated.

  33. Rob DeLeo is an absolute monster and the single most influential person on my own bass playing

  34. Happily say goodbye to one hour of your life!

  35. That shirt that George wore in this episode is glorious or the ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen.

  36. He must have gone to the Shops at the Creek.

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