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  1. So he's resigning the work but not the position. Very on-brand.

  2. If you crunched the Earth down to a black hole, its event horizon would have about the same diameter as a dime.

  3. What’s an event horizon? Just the “area of effect” of a black hole? I could lol it up, or I could have someone passionately explain it to me… I choose the latter.

  4. "Area of effect" is maybe too general. The event horizon is the "boundary" past which nothing can escape the gravity of the black hole. (It's more of a mathematical boundary than a literal, solid boundary made of something.) Everything that falls inside stays least until the black hole evaporates, which would take around 1050 years for our Earth-mass black hole, which is not very long at all as far as those things go.

  5. The top picture is AI generated. Biggest tells are the missing fingers, the fingers melted together, the illegible text on the coat, the angry face looking like every angry face produced by Stable Diffusion, the elongated van with extra wheels, the floating head on the right eating the camera, the bottomless person on the left side, and whatever that blue and yellow thing is supposed to be on the guy.

  6. lmfao look at the camera man with his many fingers of arbitrary lengths, taking a point-blank photo of the guy's eyebrow with his mouth.

  7. Ah yes. The 100+ dudes I see get blown to literal pieces every week are all crisis actors.

  8. Almost looks like the ukrianians were able to hammer an assembly area before it could make it to their starting lines

  9. Yeah, there's a lot of support vehicles in this. Trucks and the like.

  10. Before you get worked up over this tweet, you may want to consider that--because it includes obvious/bad photoshop, and because it comes from an obvious satire account--it may in fact be satirical.

  11. Amazing, I even tagged it as satire.

  12. Yeah, sorry, that wasn't directed at you OP, but to certain people reacting in the comments.

  13. They have been fired and charged with murder. If this was regular this violence would happen less and there would be no need to riot in the first place.

  14. It's almost like when the system works, people are pretty content to stand aside and let it work.

  15. Thanks for the suggestions. Little Blue Truck is hands down my favorite. I will snag the rest of these!

  16. Anything by Jon Klassen, with or without Mac Barnett.

  17. Tell the Kremlin that your platoon blew up an Abrams and they hit you with the "new telex, who dis?"

  18. Makes sense. The time for this probably would’ve been five years ago, but it’s clear that Bautista is trying to branch beyond traditional action roles at this point.

  19. He was excellent in Bladerunner 2049, for the brief scene he was in it. The role called for an unusual combo of menacing and sympathetic and he delivered on both in spades.

  20. I've seen the video and that was 100% my first thought.

  21. "MPD has not disclosed Hemphill’s role in the incident."

  22. Ha, these two back to back is quite a descent into misery.

  23. Yay, I'll add this to my list of Facts I Never Needed to Know and Unfortunately Never Forget

  24. Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Lauren Boebert, George Santos, Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, etc.

  25. The problem with nearly all of those is that their district would just vote in some other morally void carnival barker.

  26. It’s even past comedy there. Just an old moron with a brain disease who needs help, not a media outlet.

  27. Always has been. I'm mystified by all the recent "Trump is finally losing it" headlines. Like, sure, he's more desperate than ever, but he has been saying equally dumb shit since 2016 on the daily. It's been nonstop unintelligible narcissistic sundown jazz for going on eight years now. The man gave a prime time press conference to brag about how surprised his doctors were that he passed a dementia screening and that was like four years ago.

  28. A cop could mag dump into a fully loaded schoolbus and certain people would still show up to tell us how it's not as bad as Babbitt.

  29. I wish they had turned more towards an Animatrix approach, like an anthology series within that universe that had very little to do with the movie itself. Animatrix was fucking good.

  30. They forgot an important comparison. Abrams are real. Armatas seem to be parade props.

  31. Might as well compare the Abrams to a dragon, which it's just as likely to meet in the field.

  32. I think you're confusing some concepts. The speed of light is always c. Red-shifted light moves at c. The redshift affects the light's frequency/wavelength (decreasing/increasing), but it does not diminish its speed.

  33. It's not entirely correct to think of these distant objects as accelerating (or decelerating) with respect to us. Spacetime is a manifold, and two distant objects in different parts of the manifold do not have a well-defined relative velocity.

  34. I feel - jumping directly to manifolds and no well-defined speeds can only confuse laypeople who struggle with the basic facts of the expanding universe.

  35. I mean, I'm a layperson as well, but I take your point. It's probably not helpful to start jabbering about manifolds right out of the gate. I'll see if I can't make a more comprehensible edit.

  36. Well I don't mean the pressure, I meant the connection between the possibility of maybe because that one can make kind of matter of nothing, maybe the universe came to existence like that? It wouldn't be doesn't make sense for me, because if it happened in the vacuum pressure, maybe it happened like this someway In the big bang?

  37. It's tempting to conceptualize the universe as having emerged from nothing, but the generally accepted view is more in line with the idea that all the stuff has always been here (in one form or another), or that all the stuff has existed for at least as long as space and time have.

  38. And her boyfriend was aiming a firearm of his own at the police, because they were serving a no-knock warrant (on an outdated address, looking for an ex-boyfriend Ms Taylor had slung out on his ear some time previously) while in plainclothes and he not-unreasonably assumed he was being robbed.

  39. No-knock warrants on residences should be abolished.

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