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  1. The tragic clown was a damned nightmare. They have his painting in sims 4 tho. I wonder if it summons him like it used to

  2. NTA because you’re obviously not required to give up an organ, but when they die and are gone forever, you may regret it.

  3. Thought it was something else till I scrolled :o bet it tastes nice! -I’ve had a few shit dates myself… I’ll see myself out.

  4. Hahaha, that’s why I didn’t take a pic of the full tray 🥴 they’re good though!

  5. Is there a reason why they’re a fear food for you or is it just random? I feel like they’re a pretty healthy option tbh

  6. No, especially not if you purge or tend towards electrolyte imbalances. It can cause seizures in otherwise healthy people, and risks are increased for people with EDs. My psychiatrist refused to prescribe it to me when I was still actively in my ED for this reason.

  7. Agreed!!! Part of the reason I’m back on it is because I’m in recovery for reals this time!!!!

  8. I hope it will last :) That’s a very unexpected way to recover but I’m so proud of you

  9. ❤️❤️ thank you! It almost just snuck up on me. But I feel really good and I’m going to hang on to it!!

  10. Wait until you try whole milk mozz…. One of those well worth the calories food items

  11. My mom purges but has always seemed to be in denial about it being an eating disorder or even acknowledging that it’s a problem… if I ever mention my own issues with eating to her, she brushes me off.

  12. Girrrrrl that’s way more than 40 pounds, gotta be. You look awesome, congratulations!

  13. I wonder if something’s being left out of your story. If this kid still remembers you, you may have been a monster to him in ways that you don’t even remember. I doubt that he is reaching out to someone he had one bad experience with. You may be glossing over, whether intentional or unintentional.

  14. One pillsbury reduced fat cinnamon roll is 130 cals. Freeze the rest of the can individually.

  15. You’ll gain water weight, but that’s just healthy and hydrated. This is because when you increase intake, especially if carbs, you will have a higher level of glycogen. Glycogen molecules hold a substantial amount of water— 1 gram of glycogen has ~2.7 grams of water. So, if you are consuming more carbohydrates, your body is going to contain more water. But this is a good thing for your body. Healthy bodies hang on to water, and that’s why you feel like shit when you’re dehydrated.

  16. Same….. but I highly encourage you to learn how to make easy things! I have some easy recipes that I could share if you want. It was a game changer for me.

  17. You actually gain because the blue light from the screen is +500 cals… so you’re probably way over

  18. My glasses filter out blue light, does that lower the cals?

  19. Twilight. I was a young teen who was part of the craze but it still has major comfort vibes.

  20. not the original commenter, but probably a thigh gap that's so large that a lot of light shines through it? just guessing tho

  21. Your body is making up for all the days you starved it, and you’re being kind to your body by eating. It’s got some catching up to do. ❤️

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