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  1. Guys chill out, the wallpaper’s been there since I moved into this apartment over 10 years ago. I just forgot to change it during the renovating.

  2. Yo man. What is the debowler you've got there?

  3. As the other comment said, Mad Heaters Reload. Easily one of the most useful tools for the DynaVap.

  4. Nice gear! Off-topic, is that a Keychron in the background?

  5. Yep it is! K4 with brown switches and I love it.

  6. I VAS'd a revolve... And my first dynavap (vong) hasn't been delivered 😅

  7. At least you’ll have a nice setup when it arrives!

  8. Thanks for sharing this! You look like on a way to a better version of yourself and that can't be bad.

  9. Personally I feel like weed makes the trip way more intense, it just overall intensifies the whole thing, weed and psilocybin can be great but be careful I’d recommend only doing shrooms sober next time, 1.2 isn’t very much tbh, but with the help of cannabis makes it way more intense and I feel like it speeds the “come up” up a little bit so that you feel like you trip way faster, so be careful with mixing

  10. Yeah I didn't see any crazy visuals like what shrooms are known for. Went in without any expectations so I guess the come up kinda took me by surprise too. Will deffo try again sober!

  11. It's pretty nice, got a kief catcher and everything. Got it for around the equivalent of $4 in my country.

  12. Get a WPA along a bong, you won’t wanna put it down

  13. Just got a 14mm adapter and a bong is on the way!

  14. Do you have enough room up there? That 20" (51 cm) of clearance has to include your mattress and your body.

  15. Has more than enough for me. I’m 177 cm myself and can sit up straight with some space left.

  16. Nothing will be more exciting than taking a girl up your bunk

  17. I heard it's not the safest place to do the deed though because of the risk of it collapsing :/

  18. I'd hate to be that guy but, wallpaper pls?

  19. I guess it has something to do with artificial selection but I don't think that they came from apes because apes are in a different category of mammals.

  20. Should I play Pokemon Sun and Moon spoilers free or should I go all out?

  21. I thought we agreed to all vote it for the "Aged like a fine wine" award?

  22. I voted that award because it was my reaction to my friends every time I got a new item.

  23. I played Terraria with a group of friends for the majority of my summer break when 1.3 came out. It was the first time the game had been updated in ages. We were really amazed at how much the game had evolved from when we first played it. I had built memories with this game. From the time when we built our starter house to post moonlord fooling around with the items and building stuff together. The game is still being updated and my friends and I continue to play it. I truly believe that this game deserves the award.

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