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  1. Once again proving why Ricky was the one talking absolute twaddle

  2. People born without knabs babbbbyyyyyy. Mister and misseeesss!

  3. That “mister and miseeessss” makes me laugh so much and I DON’T KNOW WHY

  4. im a big fan of steve, ive listened to the xfm shows many many times, i believe him to be a comedy genius, anecdotes, timing, amazing comedy structure, writing, acting, screenplay. hes actually the glue that solders the whole thing together. Ricky knows that, karl knows that and if he carries on his tractectory then he will be writing and directing the films we all love (and our kids) in years to come and I for one look forward to it. Hes actually a great looking chap and we rip into him to cement our love for the banter that we have all come to love so very well.

  5. I really really warmed to Steve as an actor (not just playing "awkward pathetic overly tall man who gets nervous around women") when he played that serial killer Stephen Port.

  6. Completely agree. It was a really brave, unglamorous and important role. It reflected really well on Steve that he did it and smashed it. I can’t imagine Ricky being remotely willing or able to do the same.

  7. Love Karl when he does this. Shows that he’s actually a performer and showman, deep down, but also really great at relating to people no matter who they are.

  8. Man alive, NEW TINPOT RADIO! Woo, to get to hear this, I am the luckiest girl in the worrrrllldddd.

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