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  1. Tell him to suck it up and do it right, you’re doing him no good by faking it. And if you truly believe the relationship was that good you wouldn’t break up over sex you would tell him wassup

  2. Noob here! Since Windu beat Palpatine, was he the best with a lightsaber? If not, who was?

  3. Windu’s lightsaber style was uniquely qualified to fight dark side users. So while he could defeat Palpatine, he might have had difficulty fighting General Grievous.

  4. Windu would have trouble with Grevious because Grevious had a tendency to learn and adapt to each duelist's style after a certain amount of time. That combined with his multiple limbs would've lead to a stalemate or even defeat of Windu in straight up lightsaber dueling.

  5. Any master duelist can beat another person in battle, it's really a matter of circumstances when skill is equal.

  6. The F-701 is my favorite backup EDC pen and for a time I did edc it too. If I lost it, I can buy another for cheap.

  7. My feed was paying attention. Seeing this and then finding out the Kings won is priceless.

  8. Even Ryan mentioned no one really knows who Louis Le Prince was in the beginning of that segment.

  9. Gotta have Julie Pierce. Unless its gonna be 6 seasons and a movie!

  10. Why not just buy a cheap bike and then break an item that would be relatively easy to fix?

  11. Guaranteed way to kill himself if he starts with 1000 CCs. Guaranteed to also drop his bike as well.

  12. You may want to have a firmer grip on that thing. Slide needs the gun frame to mostly stay put while it cycles.

  13. OP also has too much of a gap in between both of OPs hands.

  14. Rarely have found a good usage for ratcheting mechanism on a hand screwdriver (just go power at that point). I would use the Klein version of this or the Quinn version (HF). Both have had some good field results.

  15. I'm partial to Springfield Operators. Brings back MGS4 vibes.

  16. Empty parking lots? Elis st near specialties or the Google campus in Sunnyvale would be bike friendly

  17. No he won't be 😄 that would be very dumb he wants to get out of the underworld why would he be fine with being a part of the table. And if you watch the lastest tv spot John tells the marquis that he's going to kill him so maybe at the end of chapter 4 he kills him which sets up chapter 5 😄

  18. Wick probably will kill the Marquis and then in the 5th movie kill everyone on the Table.

  19. Sounds about right but I'm sure it won't be that linear. There will be alot of twist and turns and one more thing i really want this franchise to do is start killing off some important characters out of nowhere. I mean years ago i read an article of some insider saying lionsgate is planning chapter 6 & 7 (way before 4 started filming) so you never know how it's gonna go but IF 4&5 is the endgame I'd like to see some unexpected deaths

  20. I think all the CZs sold in CA are made in Czech Republic.

  21. Just make the correction on the 4473 when you pick up the firearm. That info doesn’t go into the DROS system for California. It’s just held on paper or electronic record on the 4473

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