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  1. I was thinking a little of Gargano as well, it doesn't seem bad by any stretch... just not what might have been expected of Gargano under HHH.

  2. “Killed” was an exaggeration, but his hype has tanked from when he returned.

  3. It’s not about giving everybody fair treatment, it’s about having a functioning roster. There are four women people care about right now, the fourth being Rhea. That’s pathetic.

  4. How many were usually there In good division? 4 Is decent enough. And people do care about Asuka, Alexa too still

  5. More than four. Are you saying women’s wrestling shouldn’t get the same care as men’s? Because four well-booked Superstars wouldn’t be adequate for the men, nor is four for the women proportionate to what the men are getting.

  6. Zero reaction from the crowd. Thank god for the fake crowd noises.

  7. The change in reaction shouldn't be surprising, but seeing the reactions in the threads to Tegan's return was still very surprising to me given how loved she was. I saw a whole lot of negative comments and calling her another weak boring return.

  8. In time, it will improve, I'm sure of it.

  9. She can join Emma in doing absolutely nothing but filling space.

  10. I disagree. Triple H booking is very by the Numbers boring or slow paced. It's going to take how months before Bray Wyatt Wrestles? Triple H has taken away silly stuff and put better matches on. Nothing else has been very good. Main event scene is super boring with no equal or competition for Reigns. I think people have mistake taking away silly stuff like 24-7 segments or dancing Shanky and having better wrestling for good booking.

  11. Have to disagree. I think AEW was more benefiting from wwe not being well received but finally their faults are statting to be noticed with a competent wwe product.

  12. Cool, I agree to be honest. But I've been more of a wwe watcher even before Vince left this year.

  13. The opener, main event, and Gunther vs. Kofi were all fun.

  14. Is she though? From what I’ve seen her peak is well behind her.

  15. That Rampage was so fun. Despite the ratings and all the sky is falling stuff online, it remains just the most pure fun hour of wrestling on telly for me.

  16. I don’t notice any difference between these vignettes and Vince’s. Complete and utter garbage. Lacey is mediocre, but even more so when they try to build her as a “badass marine” babyface.

  17. I disagree, it's a decent gimmick that fits because she's a veteran.

  18. I think they need to get Sheamus away from The Bloodline soon.

  19. I wouldnt say everything else, Kenny has the better comedic chops I'd argue.

  20. After not watching the product for a few years, I watched Wargame's main event. Reigns is still doing the exact same four moves he was doing when I last watched. Maybe he's grown on the mic and as a character.

  21. Realistically, who is Kieron Dyer going to have as his contact in this era, who would be ok to talk about coaches?

  22. Appreciate you using spoilers for this. And as much as people would be against it on the sub, I feel like money wise, the crowd would eat it up.

  23. Short term gain, long term making your full time roster look like shit.

  24. A lot of the discussion about Dynamite or any show has always oscillated to extremes in the IWC based on the show's ratings. Truth is, aside from the obvious of not letting ratings dictate your enjoyment of the show,

  25. WCW and the UK scene are good indicators as to how WWE works when they buy wrestling companies or "partner" with them.

  26. I wouldn't have Don Callis in the top 10, but otherwise it's Heyman, Bearer, Heenan, Blassie for me. The Wizard, Lou Albano, Sister Sensational Sherri probably honorable mentions. MVP, Dutch Mantell, JJ Dillon, Paul Ellering also some underrated shouts.

  27. I'll give you Punk, but the bead on Mox turned instantly from "he's the biggest badass ever" to "Does he have to bleed and cuss so much EVERY WEEK?" on a dime. And people stay shitting on Omega and Jericho.

  28. What’s he even whining about? Were Belgium robbed in some way?! Of course not. Performative bullshit

  29. Everyone on here has an obsessive hatred for him but i feel bad for the guy.

  30. It's every fanbase, but man football fans feels like it has the highest concentration of the most dimwitted mouthbreathers sometimes.

  31. An Underrated point which even I never noticed is how fast as hell Hunter was in the ring especially prior to the quad tear.

  32. Well to be fair when I first heard the name crunchyroll food was the first thing i thought it was.

  33. I remember loving this belt as a youngster and them when it changed finally, I was coming to college, I had become a full smark. I couldn't stand that belt anymore, so rock changing it was so anticipated for me.

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