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  1. Leslie in Bridge to Therabithia (the book) I remember reading it at around 9 and thinking if something like that could really happen. It just hit so hard.

  2. I knew eventually I’d see our building on here lol

  3. trying to put my kid to bed because I have to work in the morning.

  4. My only goal is trying to sleep early so I can workout tomorrow morning. You're awesome and you've got this.

  5. You are more awesome than me, at least you have the motivation to work out. Wished I did, keep telling myself I'll get into it and dont.

  6. I’ve lost 20lbs in 3 months on the Amazon diet plan!! It’s full of things like forgetting to eat (because if I eat I get tired) copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks. Let’s not forget all the walking you will be doing.

  7. Observation: Devon imo is much prettier than Kim. I used to like Kim but then the whole telling Kevin, you aren’t my type and then getting mad at him when he tries for a second time with his ex. I mean she showed her true self there and it was ugly!!

  8. If a guy did what she did to a woman on this epsiode she would have been locked up. I feel sorry for Mike because he had sex with this nasty loser. I bet Angela smells like a combination of ash tray and an open can of tuna that's been sitting in the hot sun for two days.

  9. 🤢🤮🤮🤮 dude, I’m sorry I saw that pic in my head 🤮🤮

  10. I hate women because they don't want me in therapy.

  11. I’m currently a white badge and hoping to move to a blue badge soon, (I’ve only been here for a month) I don’t have a degree either but I want to go far to prove to myself that I can do it. With that being said, do you have any tips? And congratulations on the accomplishment!

  12. I’m still waiting only been there a little over a month. Wished it would be here (want to know I’m definitely employed lol) I had to put accommodations in so I’m afraid that will hinder me to move up at all. 🙁

  13. I had to stow a lot of this, bane of my existence today

  14. I don’t have ear buds luckily for me I’m a musical person so I always have some song stuck in my head…it’s either that or the voices…lol jk definitely usually a song stuck in my head.

  15. Same here. No one really bothers me. I’m only 2 weeks in and I like not getting hounded by customers. I don’t like customers at all. I used to work in retail but my anxiety and PTSD was made even worse by the pandemic so not having to talk to people makes it good for me, money doesn’t hurt either.

  16. Day 3 here I asked the trainer what the rate was, they told me they don’t look at that (I smell bs) they said they look at things like overstuffing the pods and overhang but then said a few hours later that they want us to scan 200 items for each 2 hour period. Like from when you clock in to break you should have 200 items scanned break to lunch another 200 etc. I feel like something is fishy anyone have any thoughts?

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