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  1. shiny wristguard on chapter 4 gets you around 160k per run, just run ranged skills and max out HE fuel

  2. what level does shiny wristguard have to be? can it be purple?

  3. holy crap I got 140k haha, what other skills did you use? I didnt get 160 but I got 140. I used the molotov, forcefield, the guardian, the drill, and lightning bolt. Idk if those are the right ones to use for this

  4. You just gotta grind out dailies. But farming chapters, farm the highest level square map chapter you can. I think in your case that would be chapter 13.

  5. You can only merge ones of the same rarity, you can't merge a purple and a grey.

  6. oh ok. So once I have 3 of same rarity and same type then i can merge?

  7. Yes. 3 each step until purple, then 2 identical each step.

  8. Ok thank you, one final question. Each tech part says it gives an attack or health bonus. Is the attack bonus for the player or is it damage dealt by that specific skill?

  9. No it's a DEX: decentralized exchange where you can swap JMPT for BNB, but it takes BNB to pay the gas fee, so you need some in your wallet prior to the swap.

  10. Ah ok, so how much is the gas fee then? Is it expensive?

  11. You’ll need bnb to do the swap, if you looking for a quick buck, don’t do it. Crypto isn’t worth $20 of payout

  12. It's definitely working, sometimes if there's not enough demand for CD (or too many people with it turned on for there to be enough to go around for everyone) you can end up in a queue. Haven't had it happen in a while but last time it did it I didn't get back CD back on for a couple of weeks. Hopefully you wont have to wait too much longer!

  13. wait so if I get content delivery then do I lose it as soon as I turn off my PC?

  14. if I have unlimited data plan would it be fine then do you think?

  15. Uninstall and reinstall the app. If still didn't work use previous version of app if you're on latest version.

  16. how do I use previous versions? Do I have to go to their website for that?

  17. It works like that? So if I change my IP I might gain faster?

  18. Hey, this is due to data stream lag issue and Devs are still working to fix it.

  19. hey idiot, if you can read english then you can speak it too. You aren't funny offering advice in another language

  20. If you have the covenant on them yes, you and any other invader in the lobby will get a sunlight medal when the host dies.

  21. Ok thanks! Also does hollowing affect it at all or no?

  22. Hollowing only changes your luck stat if you wield a hollowed weapon, and your looks.

  23. Ah I see, last thing then, I must be embered correct? To even have a chance of seeing the summon signs? Or others of seeing mine?

  24. You have to be summoned throu the aldritch covenant to invade and/or farm the deacons past pontiff.

  25. summoned through the aldrich covenant? So you mean the red soap stone thing?

  26. No, the covenants u equip, equip the aldritch covenant and then u will ne summoned to invade a host as an aldritch

  27. I did that and it only gives me pale tongue. Am I doing something wrong?

  28. It won’t give you an obvious advantage over other players who are at 144, and it won’t make you a better player. If your getting destroyed by someone and they have 240hz and you have 144hz, they’ll 100% beat you with 60hz also. It’s just nonsense. 120-165 is PLENTY, 240 is just silly

  29. yea that's wrong. There is a noticeable difference with 240hz when you're playing competitive games that force you to make second to second decisions and reactions. I would know, I have a 360hz monitor. Anyone who says 240hz doesn't make a difference doesn't have the slightest clue what they're talking about. Just switching to a higher refresh rate monitor will improve your mechanical skill and my initial switch from 60-144 boosted me 2 ranks and from 144-240 another rank in rocket league. It really is an advantage whether or not you're willing to admit it

  30. I am going to let you live in your ignorance.

  31. Mine works perfect too, I agree, confirmation bias

  32. No. That was never part of the plan. Judy fell for Scottie during the ruse and stuck around for that reason.

  33. Ah, that makes sense. Thank you then. Then why did pretend to jump off and die if she was going to stick around anyways??? He knew it was the same person right?

  34. She actually did die at the end. At the middle, he didn't know they were the same person.

  35. So another question. At what point are we supposed to know that Judy is pretending to be Madeline? We dont know at the beginning right?

  36. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but are you running a mic with your setup? Or the mic though a controller?

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