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  1. The five of us are dying is (not in a concept sense) way better than TBP. Still has the same parts/sound however I think the vocal delivery and lyrics are just so special compared to the final version.

  2. Looks like Johnny Marr isnt having such a good day

  3. Gerards sensuality consists of dominatrix women or greasy truckers with a beer gut there is no in between

  4. I never told you what I do for a living.

  5. Bruh the I never told you what I do for a living demo on LOTMS sounds like I'm getting murdered at 3AM in the backwoods of some abandon hotel

  6. demolition HATERS (this was the phrase that made mcr break up)

  7. If were looking for deep cuts-- keep an eye out for their Newark NJ shows in the 20th-21st. Its literally their HOMETOWN so theres no reason they shouldnt play us some obscure ones/ more bullets stuff.

  8. Would probably be faster to just start a new game man

  9. Has Elden Ring surpassed Knack 2 for you?

  10. Every time I see this I immediately think of that audio with that pervy old guy saying "I wanna take a pic...."

  11. I like both bands but I cannot stand the used right now because of how Bert is constantly referencing Gerard nowadays. Its like he knows that that's the only connection they have to still being in the game. It just makes me mad that he continues to poke fun and bring up a situation that's been dead and gone for 15 years. He was doing it A LOT at live shows around the time of the return announcement (saying shit like "Next up is Gerard Way!" or some snide smug remark about Gerard and him returning to being friends) and its just....annoying. Let it go dude.

  12. Gotta get them tongues for mommy Lovecraftian flesh mound

  13. Thumb is on B, finger controls the camera. The way it should be done.

  14. I think The Prophet is an incredibly moving song about manipulation and protecting your friends from those who pose authority over them.

  15. If it makes you feel any better-- I beat Pontiff and Wolnir 2nd try-- but on my first playthrough Crystal Sage (literally the easiest boss in the game) made me ragequit for 3 YEARS. Just dont give up my friend.

  16. Looking for a pit ticket for the 9/21 Newark NJ show!! Please message me!!

  17. Not quite sure-- with this consistent of a theme-- its hard not to speculate on a new project.

  18. This is kind of what I was thinking too! I thought it was very unusual that their set had so many songs from Danger Days since that's not typically thought of as a "fan favorite" album / not what I'd expect at a "greatest hits" reunion tour. I definitely got the same vibe with the set background that things felt post-apocalyptic in a way that directly mirrors the real world problems of our current time. They did open with Foundations which is a very interesting direction to start with, since it seems to be moving towards something new rather than only playing classics.

  19. Exactly! Also the swarm color pallette/, the color palate of the band right now seems to do a lot with army green if that means anything. So glad they played Bury me In Black, too.

  20. He loves Three Cheers but doesn't really care much for their other albums

  21. Surprising he doesn't like TBP because he's a theater guy but what can ya do. Also, that's a super good idea for the music stream. anUkindness isn't really like... a "live" thing although I'm sure many people would go see it-- I just don't really think its something that he would say go out and do a tour of just because of the nature of the music HOWEVER a livestream is a fantastic idea. People would love that, I kmow I would.

  22. Either the Chosen Undead linked the Flame or he chose the Lord of Darkness ending. Either way it didn't matter because another one came and linked the flame after him.

  23. Very interesting, i like that answer. I didnt even know there were two endings in DS1.

  24. It's not the direct sequel exactly, it's the same world after hundreds of cicles of linking the flame, among those who linked the flame before you in Ds3 is the chosen undead, farron's undead legion, yhorm the giant, saint Aldrich of the deal and ludleth. And those are just the ones who managed to link the flame, there were many who attempted to but failed, the so called unkindled such as yourself, anri of Astoria, seigward of Katarina and Hawkwood the deserter, i guess Gundyr also counts but he wasn't revived after failing i link the flame, he was possessed by the puss of man

  25. I see, so THATS why the world looks so different..

  26. Thats not mychem thats My Comical Romance

  27. Black Flag. That band was a direct influence to MCR and Black Flags first singer (Keith Morris) was even on Three Cheers.

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