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  1. Now this is some vintage cringe. Reminds me of old /b/ cringe threads when it was actually full of cringe

  2. Cory and Adam are universal irregularities. There's no reason why Chris should know 2 100% idiot savants in his life

  3. Not gonna play DS2? Dang everyone always leaving DS2 out :(

  4. I played through DS2 recently as I've been going through the series in order until I beat every game. I'd fiddled with every other FROM game but tbh 2 is probably one of my personal favorites. It's no DS1 or Bloodborne but I had a lot more fun with it than I expected

  5. South Nashville also has the best thrift stores. ThriftSmart and Southern Thrift are both on Nolensville Road and Music City Thrft has a location off Harding.

  6. There's also a southern thrift and a whole strip of thrift stores on Charlotte right before the white Bridge intersection.

  7. Honestly i kill that mofo every chance I get- always a negative nancy. Cant have negative nancies when im tryna light this fire.

  8. My first playthrough I killed him once he started talking shit about Frampt.

  9. (Not storage) I chose the barrels bc I like that there’s more design in them with the black lines, I will try the stripped logs later

  10. Imo the barrels look better and the added utility of extra storage just makes it a no brainer

  11. I once made the rookie mistake of taking too many edibles at work, had a bartender who sold tiny Gummi bear shaped chocolates and I'd usually get one from him every day, always got me where I needed to be to make the shift painless.

  12. Don't listen to that guy, you've got some top tier music taste 🤙

  13. Pam being the office mattress is probably my pick, but my personal favorite Angela line is during the murder mystery where she says "it's not my fault I was exposed to Harry Potter"

  14. Don't you diss those gorgeous pixelart graphics. Arguably the best graphics in the series.

  15. I think I was like 11 when CoM first came out and my little child mind was blown when I saw the 3D cutscene playing on my tiny little Gameboy, then mad that when the game started it didn't look like that lol.

  16. No it works. You've stood in line for 2 hrs in the hot sun, anything you eat will taste amazing.

  17. I work at Hattie Bs and the look of relief people get when I tell them they can just order take out and get their food an hour earlier is always hilarious, I think the tourists just get tunnel vision when they see a line

  18. Pharmacy burger. There’s about 15 better burgers in east Nashville alone.

  19. I wasn't impressed my first time at the pharmacy either. I avoid any place that has lines out the door, but I think a family member had a birthday dinner once and the burger didn't taste much different from something you'd get at like Applebee's.

  20. DS2 might be my favorite overall souls game, but the bosses were very underwhelming. The game as a whole is great. I would like to see a remake with improved bosses.

  21. That's been my only complaint for DS2 really, the bosses are just way too easy. I'm not even that good at souls games and I've beaten the majority of them first try, and the times ive lost were usually from dumb mistakes or irl distractions.

  22. I didn't start DS2 until I played every other game in the series since all I've heard is that it's the worst in the series, but I'm like halfway through my first playthrough and tbh I'm having probably as much fun as I have playing through any other From game. Really if it weren't for the hit box fuckery I'd probably put it in my personal top 3

  23. Did you you necromance my comment, Chorbles?

  24. Bro that moment when youre too high on reddit and respond to a year old comment cause you're sorting by top. Fuckin embarrassing lol

  25. Man he could’ve tried to be kind to her. She’s obviously going through some mental shit.

  26. Idk, I've tried kindly approaching people who were out of their minds in the streets before and tbh I think his way is better.

  27. I agree with you on this one. I use to work graveyard shift at Jack in the Box. Being polite gives them the upper hand and they walk all over you. You gotta control the situation and you ain’t doing it by being polite. I tell ya whut.

  28. Yup I work nights downtown and have found myself in plenty of uncomfortable situations because I just try to be nice to the hundreds of homeless or wasted crazies in the streers5. Meanwhile I have a friend that just screams "NO" or "BEGONE" any time a crack head even looks in his direction and I'm willing to bet he's been harassed a lot less than I have. I just don't have the huevos for it lol

  29. Oh man I loved this book! Read it back in like 2016 and now I'm gonna have to read it again

  30. When I was 8 I watched a dude splat himself on the concrete outside my school. Literally was sitting in class on the 3rd floor and watched the whole thing unfold just across the street. Dude jumped off a 12 story building. Didn’t scream or anything, just stepped off the roof and then hit the ground with a wet thud. That’ll teach me to not look out the window during math class…

  31. Saw someone fall from a tenth floor scaffolding on a jobsite once about 10 years ago, right into a dumpster full of concrete and steel debris. Still gives me shivers, and after that no one on my crew went without their harnesses...for a couple weeks at least

  32. I hope you washed your face immediately after 😖 Also, that none of it landed in your eyes or mouth

  33. Yeah this happened just a few months after covid really hit my area so I was in pure shock/terror, I don't even think I reacted to him I just rolled up my window and gagged until I got to work and took a hoe bath in the bathroom. I was paranoid for a good week after that

  34. Yikes dude. Pretty common term for washing yourself down with a sink. Ya nasty creep.

  35. well someone isn't in the loop. i do wonder tho when we're getting any news regarding that show

  36. I could have sworn it was already supposed to come out by now

  37. No, it was just announced last November. There is no release date for the show yet

  38. Really? Good lord my perception of time is fucked lol

  39. Yeah it’s not great. It has more holes to allow bigger pieces so it is an improvement from my last one but teeth are chipped and there’s tarnishing.

  40. Seen a few people post about mold in them too. Maybe 2 or 3 posts in the last day?

  41. It's been years since Jon's even made video game related content, minus his raid sponsor skits

  42. This isn't their first time losing their lead vocalist. All part of the DGD ride.

  43. No getting off this ride, unless you're a vocalist. I'm convinced Will doesn't care who's singing, dude just wants to jam. Watching that guy go is mesmerizing

  44. I've been in an out of Corpse Fandom since he came along. I'll admit, his stuff isn't the best put there....but the song he just dropped, life waster, is fucking cold.

  45. I've got a case exactly like this but black. It's great watching people eye me as they think I'm carrying some heavy artillery when really I'm just a nerd

  46. I miss gaming magazines so much. They were awful, but goddamn were they something special

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