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  1. i think what your teacher was trying to get at was abstraction, or Interface Segregation. Interface Segregation is one of the SOLID principles which are used in OOP, and i suggest you look into it once you get the basics down :)

  2. It disappeared.. came up on YouTube. It’s a survey on demographics and voting for sure., wanted to know education and district ..

  3. i saw that ad and it was really sketchy lol. no wonder they keep on doing shit like this because people like you constantly fall for them and then whine about it😂

  4. may i ask why? isnt it better to squat more weight? albeit squatting ass to grass instead of parallel, but why not low bar? is it simply to make the lift harder?

  5. Because low bar doesn’t have the same carry over to the clean and jerk

  6. because dogs and cats were bred to be our companions and not our dinner.

  7. Less that, and more because cats and dogs have more value alive, than as food. By that, I mean dogs act as guards, scouts, help hunt, etc. Cats reduce the number of vermin eating your stuff. More benefit to not eating them, in the long run.

  8. tbh since its wandas reality, the rules dont apple the same way…anything could happen

  9. HAHAHAHAHHAHA i just realised now😂 i literally typed this while running to the bus stop this morning

  10. In the us our service workers are paid so low that we have to tip

  11. its up to the employer to pay properly, not the customer. might as well just include the price in the price of the food since you have to pay anyways lol

  12. I'd be happy with $100k. Hell, 10k would be lovely.

  13. It really is a hit or miss. I think it might be that windows 11 doesn’t really like my laptop (or the components) or bios.

  14. is it a very old laptop? i would be surprised if a specific hardware component would be the problem. idk any bios settings that would affect windows tbh

  15. Nope, got it in 2020. It has a ryzen 3750h, 16GB of ram, 500GB of SSD and a GTX1660ti. It also has TPM in the CPU.

  16. since you have an ssd i genuinely dont know what the problem could be. my laptops cpu is slightly better than yours but everything else you have blows mine out of the water so i honestly have no idea. could just be bad luck :(

  17. pokemon crystal has my all time favourite soundtrack! i love composing in that style

  18. Hagar Qim/ Mnajdra - just a visit to see the crazy 4D movie - and the best view of Filfla, makes it worthwhile.

  19. id say its up to preference…i went to visit many of those places recently and i absolutely loved them and i usually find museums and such very boring

  20. Appreciate the reply. When you say extreme heat, like what high 30’s? 40’s? I grew up in a very hot area but it aaa also very humid. I’m also used to Roma’s summers as we’re usually there in august.

  21. dont cycle in midday summer, you will get a sunstroke and its super dangerous if youre in the middle of nowhere and pass out. unless youre at the beach you wont see nobody out in the summer at noon

  22. i have purchased tetris effect yesterday night and ive been playing it all day today! worth every cent :))

  23. Tetrio and Tetris Effect are tied for my favourite Tetris games. Effect has a ton of different modes on top of zone battle, and I find it's great for taking a break from the Tetra League grind.

  24. thats great! ill look into buying it then :)

  25. I go to the local bike shops. Yeah it's expensive but worth it if you wish a certain brand to be delivered in one piece

  26. theres also a government grant im pretty sure. idk if it applies to online as well but if you buy locally it would definitely even out, if not make it cheaper


  28. depends what you study. in my case (ICT), id argue its one of the better ones in europe

  29. i am like grogu from star wars, old but still a fucking noob

  30. What IDE are you using?

  31. Looks like you’re using a non-standard bar? Try using a proper 20 kg bar and checking that your grip width is correct using the 90 degrees method in wiki. Like others have mentioned you have mobility issues due to being a beginner and compounded by not warming up properly. You would benefit from starting with a mobility program for weightlifting. Check out sonny webster he does a lot on that subject mobility.

  32. yes, its a 15 kg bar which i used as its lighter so o assumed that maybe my form would be better. I will definitely try the 90 degrees method as i have not heard about it and was gripping the bar at random. thank you!!

  33. Surprised nobody has mentioned this - it looks like you’re seriously lacking in thoracic mobility. Your arms look like they’re in front of your head and you’re struggling to keep the bar in that position even in a high squat. You’ll never feel comfortable snatching if you don’t have the requisite upper body mobility to get the bar in a solid receiving position.

  34. how can i improve such mobility? tbh i thought it was more a problem from my ankles but you might be right.

  35. No clips. No fasteners to keep the weight in place. You'll lift straight as an arrow.

  36. do you recommend that everyone trains this way to learn the proper form? or should i still stick with clips?

  37. I mean I feel like at my rate of development over the last week and only 4 sessions in I should have a shot at competing at Nationals in a year or two.

  38. don’t rush it man trust me. take your damn time to learn this stuff because in the long run its gonna be hard to unlearn and swallow your pride to fix that horrendous form of yours. i did the same, not good

  39. theyre adding sex i think thats what i read online (here)

  40. oh my god this is so useful as my car is not working and im too lazy to go to the supermarket. however i would use it only if the delivery fee is not outrageous

  41. First of all, good luck with fixing your car. We’re trying to keep delivery fees at a minimum - at the moment we are offering free delivery so it sounds like perfect timing for you!

  42. oh wow thats great! personally i would not pay more than 10 euro for delivery (5 would be optimal tbh), as other delivery apps offer subpar grocery delivery for around that price

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