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  1. Pierre Spies. He was massive before the injury that ruled him out of the 2007 WC and was never the same again afterwards.

  2. Question: Dies anyone know if accommodation for the trans is organized by F1 at each race location? In the Tour de France the tour organises hotels for everyone and you have to stay in your allocated hotel to avoid space problems.

  3. So lame that Jumbo didn’t even try with Wout

  4. Do any of the other grand tours also have a slow last day? When did this tradition start and how?

  5. Usually the teams have two cars each. Do they have to ramp this up to one car per team member for the TT stages?

  6. Casual TDF watcher here. What are the chances these guys are doping? Is it an open secret like back in the day, or doesn’t anyone really know? Are there power metrics on known climbs that show a trend, for example?

  7. What speed do they go in the neutral zone? Is this governed by some kind of rule or convention, or does the race director just play it by ear

  8. Think the main thing you can take from it is how far chamberlain is down the pecking order. Definitely gone this window coming

  9. Came here to say this. Wonder who will put an offer in

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