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  1. To the best of my knowledge, even jailbroken Kindle Paperwhites cannot sideload Android apps.

  2. You don't receive a mark, you make a mark of your own and register it with a body.

  3. Equipboard suggests it might be one built by John Carruthers.

  4. John Carruthers runs a good shop. I had him work on a few of my instruments when I lived in Los Angeles.

  5. Are you a member of the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction? If not, it won’t be of as much use to you until you’ve received those degrees.

  6. Names cannot be copyrighted, and while they could be trademarked, such use would not be infringing.

  7. Yes. Movie names, book titles, song titles, anything like that.

  8. To be fair - isn't everything we know about Solomon fan fiction?

  9. Sure. But I suppose it could be argued that the further away from the possible "source" it gets, time-wise, the less credibility we can give it.

  10. Need to? Probably not. If you want to you could. Or use superglue.

  11. I did not have a good experience as a member of the Scottish Rite. I joined several years ago with the promise that a club would be established locally since the closest Temple was 3 hours away. That never happened. It’s hard to be a member of something you can’t participate in. After about a year I was going through a divorce. I had my two small kids by myself 90% of the time, money was tight, and wrote a letter to the Valley stating such and that I was unable to pay my dues. The response I got was that they hoped I could continue my membership with a reminder of when dues were due. I was suspended for NPD. Fast Forward about 10 years. I get an email from the Supreme Council wishing me a happy birthday with an offer of a free paperweight. I responded with a thank you and let them know my dues had lapsed years prior and I had been suspended because of it. This prompted an email exchange in which I told my story. I was told a new Valley had been established in another state but closer to me and if I was interested they’d have someone call me and they’d forgive all my dues, etc. I said I’d be open to talking to them. It’s going on 4 years and I’m still waiting on that phone call.

  12. If you want something, you have to actively pursue it.

  13. Oh cool! How do I get this? I’m guessing join the Scottish right and complete the degrees?

  14. You don’t have to even be a Mason to join, but there may be a lot you won’t understand without a Masonic background.

  15. Already feeling better for reading this 😄 I also have 5 guitars and a uke. Maybe I need a mandolin??

  16. Also have seven guitar things, a mandola and a mandocello. Three keyboards. A theremin. An assortment of rack-mount synth devices. And more pedals than I care to admit. Basically 30+ years of collecting gear since my first bass in 1987.

  17. Which keyboards do you own? I'm looking into synths as well and hope one day I can own a Moog, Korg and a Nord Stage 3.

  18. Actual keys are an Alesis QS8, an old Roland controller and a small Akai. I do have a Moog Slim Phatty rackmount. In the late 80s-mid 90s I had a Moog Liberation keytar and an Oberheim OB-8 that I sometimes regret selling.

  19. The shield is probably shorting out the signal, touching a signal wire and shunting it to ground.

  20. Should I try putting electrical tape on top of the copper tape, or on the solder connections to prevent that?

  21. Potentially on the back of the pots might solve it. It's probably either happening there or the output jack.

  22. Does the volume knob pull out a bit? If so, the 1st knob is volume, and with the push/pull can switch between active and passive. The middle knob is a blend between the two pickups. And the third knob is a bass boost that is only engaged when the volume knob is set in active mode.

  23. Hall didn’t become a Mason until about 50 years after he wrote his books. So no, he had no idea what he was talking about.

  24. I see, can u recommend any litterature innthe same area which is closer to the truth?

  25. Bold of you to assume that there is one truth.

  26. Stainless steel is probably going to feel rougher than a softer metal like nickel. There are also coated strings which may feel even smoother, like Elixir.

  27. It literally isn’t. Check your dictionary.

  28. I read it as “what's the money used for?” Did you instead mean “what do you get out of paying it?”

  29. My question is, even if you're still not independent as a student who still lives with his parents, can I join freemasonry?

  30. Sure, if you can cover your expenses and attend regularly.

  31. All of our symbols and allegory are based on the idea that we are builders trying to construct the plan God has for us. Hence our calling Him the Grand Architect of the Universe.

  32. I'm a fan of Dave Meyers’ work in The Aces.

  33. If he's a Mason, why would we be offended by him putting our symbol on something he owns?

  34. I heard that he is now a former mason. I’m curious, can former members still wear mason clothing and pins?

  35. How would we stop them from doing so?

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