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  1. Genuinely fascinated to know what more you think there is to the Falklands dispute than Argentina deciding they wanted them

  2. You're getting downvoted but way back in the day I heard him affectionately referred to as "Stampy" by a Leinster fan. He's not done anything like that in years though.

  3. Am I getting downvoted? If so it seems to be evenly matched by upvotes, I'm still showing as being at 1. I tried to frame it in a fairly gentle way, I've very little against Healy. Your anecdote is an interesting one, didn't know that

  4. You might be getting downvoted for the word knacker which more and more people are against nowadays.

  5. I can understand why tbf, again wasn't meant with malice but if it has now become not a cool word to use then fair enough. Happy to switch to, say, "Irish bogan"

  6. As an Oxboxtra fan who gave up on Oxventure at the start of Legacy of Dragons, I feel you.

  7. That's exactly the point at which I tapped out as well. I remain a huge fan of Blades in the Dark, and I think Luke has done a superb job of preserving the wackyness without sacrificing investment. But Johnny is obviously looking to stick with a sure thing, which I can understand.

  8. I wouldn't lay the blame solely at Johnny's feet. Oxventure started out as an experiment - "Oxboxtra plays D&D for a lark" - but the characters and scenarios the six of them created ended up resonating with the fanbase in (perhaps) a way that they hadn't anticipated.

  9. Agreed on all points. I singled out Johnny purely because, as the DM, I see it as their job more than anyone else's to lead that kind of discussion on where the narrative is going - but you're absolutely right that it's a group and presumably everyone in said group is broadly on board with the status quo. If they haven't even levelled up in a couple of years now then I'm even less minded to try the new stuff out

  10. They have their own uniforms though. So it's not like Kathleen or David group where they are just a bunch of civilians in casuals.

  11. One of the problems with our shitty fucking sports media is they overhype genuinely great players and make people bored of them before they've even had a chance to see where the hype comes from. Willis has the potential to be a once-in-a-generation talent, so naturally our rugby media completely poisons the well on him

  12. What did piss me off about him was that he seemed to be getting treatment every second play. My English father in law who was sat next to me picked up on it too so it wasn’t just me

  13. To be fair given his history with injuries I'm okay with it, especially in a close game when we were a man down. Classic bit of dark arts gamesmanship from an openside

  14. He was also forwards coach for England 2016-19 before he then returned to bath. Was forwards coach for a bit then head coach then back to forwards coach

  15. Knew I recognised the name but couldn't think from where.

  16. Honestly (well, kind of) think 2007 was better than 2003 for England. 2003 was our equivalent of 2011 for New Zealand, until we won it the dominant emotion was anxiety that we would fuck up our best chance to win. In 2007 the expectations were absolutely nil and we jammed our way to the final. Happy times.

  17. I see your points, and always appreciate an original take, but England did get that 36-0 in the pool only to lose to that same nation again in the final, which stings. And they were doing all the stinging back in 2003.

  18. It didn't sting to me at all. We were absolutely rancid going into that tournament, a shoeing from a previous champion team was exactly what we expected and deserved. 2007 for an English fan was the exact opposite of the Irish experience - going in with zero expectations and winding up being "Mark Cueto knowing how to finish a scoring opportunity" away from retaining the title. It was fucking great

  19. I hate that the MCU tried to do One More Day at all, but if they were going to do it then the way they did it is about the best way possible.

  20. To steal the excellent joke someone recently made at Gina Carano's expense, the problem here is that The Last Of Us is a show which prominently features a group trying to vaccinate people

  21. It's a crazy headline figure even while acknowledging the circumstances that helped buff it (the damage scaling for ship-board weapons attacking ground-based targets in particular), but you're not wrong. Operation Slippery Puppet for me demonstrates even more than that moment how dangerous Emily Axford can be when given time to plan. Sundry Sidney is also just a dynamite character concept, munchkinning aside

  22. Here's a quick summary of each of the Intrepid Heroes seasons so you can select according to your personal tastes (you can bash out the side campaigns pretty quickly and easily in the time you have, the IH seasons are the ones that require the firmest commitment on account of being the longest).

  23. I think Jamie George’s contribution has gone slightly under the radar this six nations. He’s played all but 8 minutes of this years’ tournament, which is decent going for any hooker but especially one who isn’t exactly one of these modern “could’ve been a flanker (or wing in the case of Sheehan” hookers. Add to that he was up there near the top for rucks hit at the end of round 4 (haven’t seen stats for the comp overall) and England’s set piece has been the most successful of all the teams, I’d say he’s done a damn good job.

  24. Jamie George, aka The Fat Lad From Sarries, is my pick for most underrated forward right now. Was baffled by people saying he was shit or past it this 6 Nations. He's relentlessly good

  25. I get that he is a real servant for Northampton, but honestly he has not impressed me. Jack Willis has to get through a power of work to cover for Ludlum's lack of workrate. I was quite worried for Munster about his impact heading into the first of our two fixtures against you in the HC but he was utterly nullified, and our pack is determinedly second tier as far as Europe goes.

  26. Settled people and nomadic people have always struggled to get along because their lifestyles emphasise fundamentally divergent things. Case in point, a big part of the value of a nomadic lifestyle is that you can move away from a place and let nature reclaim it rather than having to actively maintain the environment around you. So it's not surprising that, when settled people and nomadic people interact, it can go wrong. Travellers in Europe have a bad reputation caused by a lot of things, and in some cases that is caused by simple bigotry but not necessarily all the time. It is possible for travellers and settled people to get along okay, but misunderstandings and outright antagonism from both sides is pretty common. This echoes wider historical trends around interactions between nomadic and settled people, suggesting it's probably unavoidable to a certain extent, but it is possible to keep it to a minimum - but in Europe that tends not to happen very often

  27. Everyone talks about Brennan and birds, but for me Brennan and rats is where the real magic happens

  28. Looking forward to seeing the excuses and whining over on

  29. Friend of mine named his "Batman's Loincloth", still the best I've seen

  30. But the person was going to be a party to killing Ellie. You could say there was no excuse for the murder the Fireflies were going to commit.

  31. I mean there obviously was, it was done to achieve a goal which could have potentially transformed the lives of many millions of people. There was definitely a moral argument to justify it. That's not to say it was a good argument which could not be criticised, but it did exist

  32. Would never have noticed this but for this comment, and now I can't stop laughing

  33. All I'll say is that Mat gets exponentially more fun to read as the series goes on. Book 4 is basically the book in which he starts to turn from comfortably the most annoying character you spend a significant amount of time with into, by the end of the series, the undisputed People's Champion of the WoT.

  34. My guess is he's divided these bricks into several different stashes. Just one of these stashes will be easy to take from Saddam's deserting army, and that will be enough to get us out of our day jobs. Unless, of course, you reservists are in love with your day jobs

  35. Let me blow your mind even further - the "pirate" accent and the stereotypical English farmer accent you get in films like Hot Fuzz are in fact the exact same accent. English people who talk like farmers are talking like pirates

  36. [[Meria, Scholar of Antiquity]] turns otherwise garbage 1 mana artifacts into rocks which can also give you impulsive draw. I played a game with her last night having brewed a janky as hell deck, and it absolutely went off

  37. More money my arse, living alone costs proportionally way more than sharing living costs

  38. And a roommate costs way less than a romantic partner

  39. You've had much better luck with housemates than I have

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