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  1. Speaking of dub threads. I'm surprised there hasn't been a post for the new SAO movie. I saw the dub earlier today in theater and wanted to talk about it..

  2. The dub release in my area is this coming tues and wed. But I think you’re more than welcome to create a thread about it if the mods approve.

  3. She needs to be a playable character. Better design than all the other newcomers

  4. Maybe in a future SF game, like SF7 when she's aged up a little more. Li-Fen still looks like a pre-teen, she's older but still practically a child. Maybe a little too young for her to be SPD'd or raging demon'd.

  5. I though Chun li was on the far right

  6. Was Jamie the only one? I just thought everyone had p1 and p2 intros. That's what I'm assuming this is and not a custom intro

  7. From what I've seen, almost all of the characters have a mirrored P1 and P2 intro. Jamie's P1 intro and P2 intro isn't mirrored.

  8. I remember at least one other character being slightly more than mirorred between P1 and P2? Probably something that's being worked on as well

  9. It may be Chun-Li. P1 Chun looks at her opponent immediately, where as P2 Chun looks downward with her eyes closed for like half a sec before looking at her opponent. But posing is still much mirrored.

  10. Yeah, hoping everyone is safe in Texas. Understandable with the delays. It's been hard to travel and homes and businesses without power.

  11. Due to inclement weather delays in the Dallas area, the following list of Winter 2023 season English dubs are delayed until the following dates. Stay tuned for any further updates on upcoming English dubbed episodes.

  12. I'm over 24 eps into Diamond is Unbreakable. Been having a lot of fun with it as I have been with the other Jojo shows. Looking forward to finishing it. Just some quick thoughts, Billy Kametz far and away my favorite part of the dub, so good. I think my 2nd favorite is probably Jalen Cassell as Okayasu. Zach Aguilar is a good VA, but I'm kinda not feeling for Koichi. Found myself enjoying this show a lot more now that DC Douglas's character has been shaking things up.

  13. Is this a good Chinese anime? Seems like every time I've run into one it was kind of.. weird? Does it being English dubbed help out at all?

  14. It is very weird. It's mostly Flavor of the Week stories of the MC trying to live a boring normal life, but some anime-esque thing happens every ep and he has to do something to protect living his normal boring life.

  15. Yeah. If you havent canceled your funi subscription, it’s already on there.

  16. I think I heard on one of Kyle Mccarley's youtube streams with Laura Stahl that since CR invested into a newer, bigger, and better space, the logical explanation is that they want to be sure they are getting their absolute money's worth, which means churning out as much dubs in-house as possible, which has affected remote recording, thus also impacting wide casting nets for shows outside of the bigger titles.

  17. "Insolent shrivel of turd" is totally an insult I'm gonna use the next time I attend a Ren Faire

  18. Thanks, I did found these earlier, but like I said I didn't know where to start (especially which combos to start). Guess I'll just watch them in orders ?

  19. The first vid is combos, the second on is probably one of the best SFV Chun guides by MC-Mura. So if you want combos, check out the first and third. But if you want a full detailed guide for Chun including combos, check the guide.

  20. All hail your Broken-ass shield queen: Maple, as she sits on her new throne and laughs at us commoners.

  21. Hmmm, cause her non-loli form, she sounds different from “mature Tia Ballard” voice. Maybe that threw me off some.

  22. It’s honestly a bummer about LA, so many talented VA that I feel like I haven’t heard in anime roles in forever

  23. Yeah, it sucks that the only way we can hear LA (or more outside) talent now is if it's through reprisals, or if it's outsourced to like Sound Cadence or Studio Nano, or if it's one of their big blockbusting titles like One Piece, DBZ, MHA, or Chainsaw Man.

  24. Carol never fails to put a smile on my face. She's just too adorable. Even the way she explains math is adorable.

  25. Well Cammy is best girl but I think a certain someone on this subreddit will break through a wall and say that Chun-Li is best girl ._.

  26. I do think Chun-Li is Best Girl. but Chun's expression wearing the shirt is funny.

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