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  1. She looks like a holographic advertisement. The planet is secretly controlled by an AI. The AI is watching everyone and uses adverts to control and moderate behavior. It’s all working out fine while most of the population consumes and beys. But not our hero. He does what he wants and the AI is hell bent on making him submit.

  2. What’s mounted to the ceiling up there? It looks like a little table and is really messing with me.

  3. All they have to do is add a park next door and add a hole in the fence. The final event in the upper yard could be used to trigger the hole. The entire game becomes the tutorial for the mmo. Boom.

  4. I learned today making my own mine for ammonia that you can shoot the planet with your ship and get a load of ferrite. Was using fully S class upgraded infraknife with about 46k DPS. Like 4k ferrite in 30 seconds. Tons of geodes which also have ferrite.

  5. I think we need to rethink what the veil and strand means to the Destiny. To me this seems larger than a new energy/darkness subclass to play with. It’s the revealing of the Trinity to our universe.

  6. Clovis Bray, angry at us for kicking him out of the club, becomes a deciple and creates the vex.

  7. Oh no please don't, this will make Eiyuden not to be released in 2023.

  8. The key thing to understand legendary lost secors is the change in gameplay and strategy. Legendary lost sectors transform Destiny from a run and gun looter/shooter into a slow and steady cover shooter. Play slow, clear the rooms and bait the big guys into a position where you have the advantage.

  9. “…You may decide to stay still and take very shallow breaths while you’re in pain. If you don’t breathe deeply for a while, you may start to feel lightheaded.”

  10. Someone needs to hire this person for video game script.

  11. Hunter invisibility should make enemies actually stop targeting them. All hunter dodges should make them invisible. Boom, mobility matters again.

  12. It’s a sacrifice we need to make. Invisibility is a hunter thing, ties directly to mobility and makes the stat worth it. Hunters can’t pop up shields or healing rifts, and normal dodge doesn’t dodge a thing against the ai rn.

  13. In restless dreams, I walked alone.

  14. Try saying words in your mind for each letter of the alphabet. I fall asleep by F or G.

  15. Did Konami make a statement? The rumors were based on an online vendor selling preorders for the game. IIRC they had March 9th listed on their site. I can’t find it though…

  16. For some reason, even though digimon easily makes one of the best MMO's when you think about it

  17. I didn’t know there was one. Which probably speaks to them being bad. How? It’s digimon!

  18. I tell everyone that Digimon World 2 is amazing... For the first 10 hours, after that the grind is just atrocious. Even with hyper speed on an emulator I barely finished it...

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