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  1. Show up at off-service times to places you like with your resume in hand. Any kind of networking you can do with fellow bartenders/industry folk can go a long way as well.

  2. I would look into off premise (independent/chain stores) sales rep positions through a distributor as an entry into alcohol sales and pursue on premise (bars/restaurants) from there with some experience and networking.

  3. It’s a Finnish cocktail created for the Helsinki summer olympics in the 50s and still I believe the most popular alcoholic beverage in Finland. It’s basically gin and grapefruit soda.

  4. Congrats! The beauty of being a rep is you still get your bar fix while working (mostly) normal hours.

  5. You already told them you thought their drink was weak and you were going somewhere else, so I’m guessing they already think you’re an asshole.

  6. Zillow - they have a rental app that’s user friendly and will send you updates based on your preferences.

  7. You can lean into the experience you have now when applying by saying you have the fundamentals down but haven’t been trained enough to develop the bad habits.

  8. Considering I was a hop head in my drinking heyday, I’m surprised to find that Stella’s N/A is my clear favorite for an N/A beer. In the overall N/A category I would choose Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher hands down.

  9. In many places I’ve worked the bartender will remove and discard twist off lids as providing said lid to guests could encourage them to pocket it and walk off the premise which becomes a liability.

  10. “Directing traffic” is probably my biggest pet peeve at work. Please discontinue this practice.

  11. Works well under pressure, in a fast paced environment, ability to multitask, develops and maintains relationships with guests - driving new and existing business. Can work autonomously with little or no supervision. Exceeds guest expectations. Ordering/rotating stock/inventory. Upselling.

  12. I think many people in the industry try to navigate this question at some point, although often times in the reverse of how you are currently experiencing it - sacrificing money for a 9-5 steady paycheck and benefits, with a potential side of mental well being.

  13. Personally, I don’t tell the average patron I no longer partake. I direct them towards something popular or that I enjoy making.

  14. Never thought I would like the stuff, let alone a fernet and coke. But for about 3 years, depending on the venue, that is all I drank.

  15. If you go 1099, definitely pay quarterly, save 1/3 of your income to dedicate to taxes, use a tax professional, save any and all work related receipts, expenses and log mileage on your vehicle.

  16. I think it’s important to make craft beer approachable to everyone, and that’s something I’ve brought up in interviews with beer focused bars that has gone over well with the hiring manager.

  17. Easier said than done in this industry, but any kind of routine you can get into can really benefit your physical/mental health. Consistency with bedtime (even if it’s 4 AM) and waking up (even if it’s noon) can go a long way. Melatonin helps me as well.

  18. Kudos to you for addressing the issue - just by starting the conversation you are taking a commendable step in the right direction for your health.

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